Austin City Limits – Artists to See vol. 1

Posted by on September 25, 2014

Photo courtesy of Jack Edinger via ACL Festival Flickr Photostream

Photo courtesy of Jack Edinger via ACL Festival Flickr Photostream

Next Friday marks the beginning of one of the best, still most underrated music festivals in the business: Austin City Limits. Held outdoors in the state capital’s glorious Zilker Park, ACL marks the end of festival season, offering a lineup that pulls artists both big and small from every corner of the planet. On that note, ACL also does a great job at showcasing the underdogs who traditionally end up scoring top slots in big-name festivals the following year. Now a contender in the two-week festival category, you can expect to hear more great music than you’ll know what to do with over the course of the festival, not to mention you’ll be overwhelmed with tough decisions of overlapping artists. Well, lucky for you we picked out a few of the artists you reaaally shouldn’t miss if you end up making the pilgrimage down south. And for those stuck at home watching the live stream, you can use this to your advantage, too. See which artists made the first cut after the break.


#1. Mø

Known for her high ponytail braid and lack of any fucks to give, Denmark’s MØ is both an awesome musician and a must-see performer. Her music has inspired collabs and remixes from all your favorite artists including Diplo, Zimmer, Darius and Lido. If you’re not already listening to her stuff (which you should be bc we told you to a while ago) then start now because your friends will think you’re cool and start jamming along, too.


#2. Temples

K so ACL isn’t just about raging your face off and hearing the same “banger” three times in one day. ACL is about peace, love, and diverse yet excellent music, which is great because it gives you the opportunity in between sets to check out a musician you may never heard of before. During one of these breaks, I would suggest you tune into the psychedelic rock group, Temples. They’re from England, a breeding ground for this genre, so you already know they’ve gotta be good. Plus, close your eyes and imagine listening to this on a beautiful, sunny day surrounded by your friends: isn’t it picture perfect?


#3. Vic Mensa

With hip-hop headliners like Eminem, Outkast and Childish Gambino, you might think you’ll have all your bases covered but I’m telling you, don’t settle for that! It goes without saying that Vic Mensa is a hot topic so don’t sacrifice your chance to support a young stunner like himself. Are you wimme nah?


Stay tuned for next week’s edition of Artists to See at ACL, and in the meantime, do your homework and check these guys out, you’ve got some listening to do!

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