Events | Austin City Limits – Artists to See vol. 1

Posted by on September 25, 2014

Photo courtesy of Jack Edinger via ACL Festival Flickr Photostream

Photo courtesy of Jack Edinger via ACL Festival Flickr Photostream

Next Friday marks the beginning of one of the best, still most underrated music festivals in the business: Austin City Limits. Held outdoors in the state capital’s glorious Zilker Park, ACL marks the end of festival season, offering a lineup that pulls artists both big and small from every corner of the planet. On that note, ACL also does a great job at showcasing the underdogs who traditionally end up scoring top slots in big-name festivals the following year. Now a contender in the two-week festival category, you can expect to hear more great music than you’ll know what to do with over the course of the festival, not to mention you’ll be overwhelmed with tough decisions of overlapping artists. Well, lucky for you we picked out a few of the artists you reaaally shouldn’t miss if you end up making the pilgrimage down south. And for those stuck at home watching the live stream, you can use this to your advantage, too. See which artists made the first cut after the break.



Albums, Hip-Hop | Dag Savage – E&J [Album]

Posted by on February 3, 2014


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In 2013 West-coast hip hop label, Dirty Science gained instant notoriety as one of the the genres premier labels when they birthed Denmark Vessey & Scud One’s album Cult Classic. Now in 2014 Dirty Science continues this habit of dropping dope full lengths by blessing us with the album E&J, by rapper Johaz and hyper-prolific producer Exile, who together form the group Dag Savage. For those that are familiar with Exile’s prowess on the MPC, you already know to expect, soul-laden, head-nodding beats that will leave you feeling like Sunday morning. For those that are just getting up on this music then Blu, Fashawn and Aloe Blacc will help serve you up a great introduction.

Trap | HEDEGAARD – Still Animals (Mashup/Remix)

Posted by on November 13, 2013

She’s baaaaaack…. another guest post from our Scandinavian sweetheart, Rebecca.

Just as we all started to feel that ”Animals” should be deleted (or at least reduced to one play per night) from the playlists in mainstream night clubs, Martin Garrix dropped his latest track, ”Wizard”. Yes, we all loved ”Animals;” I personally discovered it with great ecstacy, but creating a drop that sounds like the ”Animals” drop played backwards and adding a slightly different melody to it, doesn’t make a new world hit.

Sticking to a personal sound is a good thing, don’t get me wrong. Garrix did more than well with the ”Project T” remix. He sealed it with the big G without spelling out the whole name. But Wizard just feels like the easiest way out, using already proven tricks. If it wasn’t for him to be such a damn cute Dutch prodigy (Is it possible for a 20 year old to adopt a 17 year old? Anyone?) I would be much more disappointed. He has already shown that he has what it takes, so I’ll just look past this little ”Wizard” mishap.

If you for some reason still can’t get enough of ”Animals”, but feel like you need to move on (I mean it’s been 4 months since the official release. It’s been ”Animals” everyday. Everywhere. For 4 months), I suggest the Rasmus Hedegaard remix/mashup ”Still Animals”. This trap producing Dane knows his mixes (Had to make a little room for my Scandinavian neighbors in my post, it’s just a tiny bridge between my home town and Denmark – fun facts). Daring enough to take on the world’s most loved tracks, he played matchmaker between Garrix and Dr. Dre, and I believe they make a beautiful couple. Listen below and see what I mean.




Exclusive, Featured, Interviews | The Art of DJing, Beginnings, Living with Pasquale Rotella & more with Morten [FNT Exclusive]

Posted by on August 14, 2013

Danish DJ / Producer Morten Breum, now Morten, because “it is easier”, has been around music all of his life. His father, a music teacher back in Denmark, put Morten in an environment where music was king, and this led Morten to enter DJ classes at his school at 13. From there he was hooked, soon playing gigs at local bars and soon local clubs, elevating himself to becoming the icon he has become in Denmark, scoring commercial endorsements with Pespi and Red Bull (and even his face on Pepsi bottles) and playing at a royal wedding, what up Armin. He moved to LA two years ago, where he has become much more anonymous and enjoyed the LA life.

We caught up with him on the tail-end of a busy week of meetings with labels, media and other people in New York, that was to finish off with a show at Lavo NYC that Thursday night. Later that day he was going to get an additional tattoo (he has A LOT of them) with Vice filming the whole thing. Seems a bit weird to watch someone get punctured with needles and ink, but hey, to each their own. His production “Look Closer” was supposed to come out on the 6th of August on PRMD, but it was not releasing in Denmark on that date because of territory restrictions, so Morten decided to put it off until Denmark could be put in the original release, to stay true to his original fans, and so it is coming in 5 days. Click the jump to catch our interview where we talk about ditching university for DJing, playing hits, crazy people in Vegas, living in Pasquale Rotella’s house and more.