The 1975 – Me (T.H.I.E.F.S remix)

Posted by on July 18, 2013


Seeing as how I have subconsciously taken my shirt off hours ago and instead of going to Bed Bath and Beyond to get my mom some new pillows after I accidentally spilled a bowl of steak marinade that I was mixing while on her bed I am now, and have been since it happened, hiding in my room, so it was the perfect time for me to have come across this song. T.H.I.E.F.S (great name btw) is a garage/chill/electronic producer from the UK. His latest remix is a bit different from his previous few releases. In this he has added a touch of house to his pleasant chillwave that he does so well and it works out great. I don’t really know how to further describe this track so I will leave you with this.  If you were to slice up a lemon, toss it in the air, go and walk your dog, come back and go to bed, wake up, go to your kitchen, slip on it, then pick up a slice of the lemon, it would still be cleaner than the piece of lemon that was in my iced tea last night. Absolutely ridiculous. What was that waitress doing.

Free Download: The 1975 – Me (T.H.I.E.F.S remix)

In case you were wondering what his chillwave sounded like..

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