R Rated #62

Posted by on January 31, 2013

R Rated #62This week brings one of the heaviest R Rated posts we have had in a while. Luck of the draw for this weeks filthy tunes. Starting off this week is one of the heaviest things I have heard from Poseidon, which says a lot considering it’s his forte. At the same time this is the best Lord of the Rings themed original. Enjoy.


Next is this sick preview from JPhelpz off his upcoming EP, “Termination.” The bass on this track is unbelievable, if was any harder we would be deaf now.


The drop on this new release from Rogue has almost a funk filth vibe to it. I know some will see the correlation to Skrillex on this drop style, but it is still an awesome track. Get bent haters.

Speaking of Skrillex, this remix was a sweet find. Skrillex’s newest EP was bad, but then again it wasn’t all that great either. If this remix from Caden Jester was featured on the EP it would have been great. This remix owns face.

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The meaning of life is 42, now listen to more music.

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