Snowglobe Music Festival Recap

Posted by on January 11, 2013

Photo: Chromeo at 12:00 12/31/2012 | Credit: Drew Levin

 RECAP VIDEOS: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3

Being from Colorado I went into SnowGlobe Music Festival in South Lake Tahoe, CA a bit cocky thinking it would be impossible for me to get cold but the first day proved me wrong. Despite being bundled up in huge down jackets, the entire crowd was amped and ready to rage. We got a late start to the first day and walked-in mid set with the crowd in full force already with Minnesota throwing down. With constant top-notch releases from Minnesota all year I was really excited to see him live and he didn’t disappoint. Next up was the first night headliner, Wiz Khalifa. I was following Wiz’s Tweet’s and Instagram’s and he was not ready for the cold but he didn’t let it hold him back. The crowd exploded as he opened with Black and Yellow and he kept the energy the entire time playing all his big hits. The stage set-up was incredible and watching Wiz live surrounded by massive pine trees and snow coming down was surreal. Wiz ended earlier than the schedule indicated and we rushed to the shuttles because we had to make it back for the after party. The after party that night was what I was most excited for because Seven Lions was the headliner. Kill Paris was slotted to play before Seven Lions but unfortunatly he got stuck in Indiana and wasn’t able to make it. The set up in the hotel was one of the most awkward setups I’ve ever seen, it felt like high school prom gone EDM but that wasn’t going to hold us back. Seven Lions was without a doubt the best performance of the night and he will soon be at all major festivals. One of my favorite songs ever is his Florence and the Machine – Cosmic Love Remix and he dropped a great version of it and I guarantee  anyone who didn’t know who he was before the show was googling him immediately after. He exceeded my expectations and make sure to add him to your “MUST SEE” list.

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Day two’s lineup was definitely the best with the oh-so-popular Deadmau5 headlining. Lucky for me two of my top 10 favorites artists were playing, Madeon and Krewella (after party). Deadmau5 was the big name on the lineup and it was clear that most people were there to see him. We got there just in time for MiMOSA and were snaking our way up through the raging crowd to get closer for Madeon. MiMOSA threw down as he always does and got the crowd all ready for Madeon. Madeon (NOT Made-on) took the stage and it was literally a milestone in my life. Sounds pathetic and sad but Madeon was an artist that really changed music for me and got me into a lot of new music. His set was unreal and was absolutely the best set of the weekend. To my surprise, tons of people didn’t know who Madeon was and everyone was shocked when they saw a little 18 year-old in a blazer take the stage. By his appearance makes his music just that much more surprising for the crowd because no one (not even me) had any idea how good he was going to be. He played a very long set jam packed with remix surprises and of course all the classic Madeon songs. His set blew me away and I couldn’t even fathom the fact that Deadmau5 was playing right after him. Deadmau5, the clear crowd favorite had the freezing crowd dancing and moving for his hour and a half set. I left a bit early from Deadmau5 to get over to the after party where my favorite girls, Krewella, were playing. I got to the after party just in time to get my ear drums damaged by Zomboy bass heavy set. Although injured Rain Man wasn’t able to travel with the Krew, the two sisters killed it as usual. The venue had the same awkward set-up as before but again, it didn’t hold them back. They raged for a good 45 minutes until the fire chief shut the show down due to everyone’s pussies being too wet.


The third day rolled around and I really wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to handle another day of partying in the snow. The fact that it was New Years Eve changed things a bit and when the time rolled around I was ready for Zion I, Gramatik, Laidback Luke and Chromeo. Zion I, Gramatik, and Laidback Luke were all great and dropped sets that no one was expecting. They understood how cold everyone was and they made everything worth it. Chromeo was the most impressive of the night and he brought an awesome dynamic to the festival and I give the talent booking team a ton of credit. Initially I was disappointed that Chromeo was the headliner on such a big night (New Years Eve) but he proved me way wrong. Chromeo’s funky electric beats was a great way to end such a perfect weekend. I had enough DJs and electro for the weekend so Chromeo jamming out on instruments was a great change. I don’t love Chromeo’s recorded stuff but his live set was unreal and totally unexpected. The clock struck 12:00 and fireworks blasted off behind the stage as Chromeo rocked out and welcomed the New Year with a bang. Thanks so much to the whole crew who worked at Snowglobe Music Festival, it was an incredible weekend and we will without a doubt be there again next year! If you’re a planner and are already thinking about New Years, book a flight to Tahoe because you will not be disappointed! 


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