Jon Bellion – LIFE [Music Video]

Posted by on October 23, 2012

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Since Visionary’s Jon Bellion released his first single, “Paper Plane“, a few weeks back, I’ve been trying to classify and compare his music.  A fluid blend of indie, pop, r&b, alternative, and pure innovation?  Death Cab for Cutie meets John Legend meets Kanye?  After pulling my thoughts in opposing directions I’ve come to the conclusion there is no classification and there is no comparison.  Jon Bellion is authentic, unique, sound, and extremely talented.  Captivating his audience with a distinguished voice, the kid also produces and composes he majority of his own music.

Bewildered by the simple things in LIFE, Bellion shares a story about a young man trying to figure out what he needs to progress and survive.  Although I was a bit skeptic when I didn’t see GRVTY behind the camera on this one, director Jeremy Peel proves his skill and delineates this song perfectly.  JB’s all original project, Translations Through Speakers will be dropping before years end.

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