Albums | K. Noble Shares New Album Painkillers

Posted by on December 15, 2022

Karl Nobles, better known as K. Noble, is an artist on the rise from the southside of Chicago. He debuted on the music scene in 2020 and has dropped a series of well-received releases since then, including his debut album, Life is Pain, last year. The rising rapper is keen to continue his growing momentum and upward trajectory with the release of his new album, Painkillers, which is out now.

K. Noble is a huge fan of battle rap, which has allowed him to hone his skills on the mic, including learning different flow patterns, styles of delivery and freestyling. And all of this talent is evident throughout Painkillers, which is 12 tracks of straight-up authentic rap music that all hip-hop and rap enthusiasts will be able to appreciate. The album also features current single “Different Sh**”, which arrives alongside a compelling music video.

Speaking further on the new album, K. Noble says, “The inspiration for the album actually came from my second album, Life is Pain. Life is Pain was about enduring pain and overcoming overwhelming obstacles – during the entire recording process of that album, I was facing a serious health challenge. This new album, Painkillers, is about relieving pain and healing. It was during the recording process that the healing process began for me physically and mentally. 

“One of the main things that makes this project stand out to me is the fact that it’s a concept album and there is a story and a theme behind it. I feel that one of the most creative things that an artist can do is tell a story with music, and with this project that’s what I was able to do.”

Electronic | Axel Thesleff Drops New Track, “2 Down”

Posted by on December 11, 2020

Axel Thesleff recently put out an uplifting melodic bass infused single and music video for a track called “2 Down” and it’s a feel good track that is much needed with everything going on in the world right now. The single represents letting go of the cycle of negativity to welcome one’s inner light and forgiveness. Ethereal vocals and synths in flux pair with a mother’s journey through meadows and streams of Lapland as she overcomes the worst of sufferings and finds a gratitude towards life. Check out a quote from Axel on the release and the visual below, under that watch the video for “2 Down “. Enjoy!

“The 2 Down music video depicts a journey of a lonely backpacker in a vast, dreamlike landscape of a never-ending mountain range. The traveler seems to be completely lost in thought. Painful memories start to arise from the past and she is forced to dive into them. She must fight the demons of guilt, blame, and sorrow within in order to break free from this mental dissonance and find forgiveness, acceptance, and gratitude to replace them. The story is about overcoming the worst of sufferings and clearing one’s mind from agony. It’s about facing one’s deepest fears and painful emotions head-on and growing from them as a person. No one is perfect and sometimes one needs acceptance in order to move forward in life and strive to do one’s best. Life is short, and we should be spending it loving each other instead of fighting. Ultimately, 2 Down is about gratitude towards life”. -Axel

Pop | Viceroy – The Life ft. Penguin Prison

Posted by on July 15, 2014

The sultan of summer, Viceroy, is back with his latest offering titled “The Life” featuring Penguin Prison and it’s an anthem. We got a listen a few months ago when Viceroy was in Dallas, and we thought it was an absolute ripper. Grab a drink, apply sunscreen, and find a babe because Viceroy is bringing the heat. Make sure you pick this bad boy up on iTunes and Beatport below. #SUMMERTIMEALLTHETIME

iTUNES: Viceroy – The Life ft. Penguin Prison

BEATPORT: Viceroy – The Life ft. Penguin Prison


Progressive House | I.O.U. – Greatest Time Of My Life (Patriot Remix)

Posted by on June 25, 2014


I.O.U. - Greatest Time Of My Life (Patriot Remix)Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

A progressive house producer I’ve been keeping an eye on Patriot, who you might remember with his epic remix of Angels & Airwaves’ “The Flight Of The Apollo” hit me up with his latest, this time remixing the likes of New Jersey hip-hop duo I.O.U.‘s “Greatest Time Of My Life” off their album The Soul & The Intellect, and he hits the spot with this one! The greatest time of your life should be euphoric. and there’s nothing better than a smooth piano melody, and that progressive house sound to get you there! This is a must listen and make sure you cop that free download!

Free Download: I.O.U. – Greatest Time Of My Life (Patriot Remix)

Progressive House | Third Party – Everyday Of My Life

Posted by on May 27, 2014

Third Party - Everyday Of My Life

Third Party are perhaps the most melodically talented artists at Size and they never disappoint with their productions, except for the fact that they don’t release enough of them. It has not been long since their impressive “Nobody To Love” remix and they have followed it up superbly. “Everyday Of My Life” is, not surprisingly, a melody driven song. It upholds the high quality of both the duos tracks as well as the releases on Size.

Beatport: Third Party – Everyday Of My Life

Electro | PANG! – Lion (Original Mix)

Posted by on May 10, 2014

PANG! - Lion (Origina Mix)


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Are you all ready for yet another Lion King remix, which is more epic than all of the previous ones? If that’s a yes, Swedish production duo PANG! sample the best part of “The Circle Of Life” for your Saturday evening listening pleasure. There’s not more I can say about this track, other then epic, and Lion King, so do yourself a favor and just press play, you won’t regret it.  This is a must listen and support by copping it on Beatport!

Beatport: PANG! – Lion (Original Mix)

Hip-Hop | I.O.U. – Greatest Time Of My Life (Music Video)

Posted by on May 9, 2014

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You guys remember them I.O.U. boys right? Well they’re back, and this time they have visuals, in case you forgot their pretty faces, for their latest single “Greatest Time Of My Life” off their debut album “The Soul & The Intellect” and they brought out all of their favorite girls to come and bless these greatest times of their lives with them. Channeling their inner Bog Seger, the guys release an anthem that is sure to resonate for all those graduating, or for those that are just living and loving life! Inside Our Universe’s motto is “today is a great day” and if you’re not having one, just press play! This is a must listen and support on iTunes!

iTunes: I.O.U. – Greatest Time Of My Life