I Love This City (Day 2 Recap, San Francisco)

Posted by on May 27, 2012

I Love This City San Francisco is now at a close, and what an amazing past two days it has been. The energy of the California people is incredible and the artists you could tell by their performances, truly enjoyed the event. Day 2 the clouds took over the skies and all prayed that it would not rain, thanks to the Gods of Sound that it did not. We managed to catch these shows in order, Nit Grit, Helicopter Showdown, Adrian Lux, Madeon, Laidsback Luke, Tiesto, Feed Me, Excision and lastly BT.

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Nit Grit started off our day over at the Bass Stage, kicking it with some melodic and filthier dubstep. Finishing off his set with a few intense drops leaving the crowd in awe. Walking off the stage Helicopter Showdown even gave him a big shout out, making him a tough act to follow.

I have never heard of anything about how Helicopter Showdown live. I can say they they love the crowd and really get into their set. The group of four dropped one dirty bass-line after another, keeping the crowd on their toes as the bass destroyed our eardrums. The photo above is one of my favorites because it really shows how into the music the guys are. If you like dubstep and have a chance to see these guys live, I highly recommend going.

Adrian Lux was our first artist we saw on the main stage, in a way he reminded me of Steve Aoki. Like Aoki, Adrian Lux climbed the stage, really putting as much effort as possible to pump up the crowd that was eagerly awaiting Madeon. He succeeded and killed his set, exhausting the crowd’s dancing feet including my own.

We got to see Madeon for a few minutes before his set, for a 17 year old he looks uncomfortably close to a 12 year old, and has a thick and dirty English accent as if he was from Liverpool. Madeon also had a rough start to his set with the speakers not able to work at their full power. The young producer was getting frustrated on stage, but after two tracks in a smile grew on his face once the speakers lit up the amphitheater. Listening to his set, he still has a lot to learn about performing for a crowd as massive as I Love This City’s, but it did not phase anyone. Seeing Madeon live was a treat, and every track he played was the absolute best. I am excited to see how he grows into the industry.

Laidback Luke took the win for best show of the day. He kept everyone moving, you can tell when he performs that he feels more comfortable than back in his home town. His energy was unmatched on the main stage, and not a soul in the crowd could put their hands down with him on stage. If I ever have the chance to see him again and the Rapture began, I’d make Scotty wait to beam me up.

With the Sun setting at the end of Laidback Luke came our old friend and the legend, Tiesto. When Tiesto walked onto the stage it was as if the crowd had just witnessed the resurrection of Jesus. He did not waste any time to drop beautiful music upon us, joy filled the amphitheater, and the dancing commenced. Having seen Tiesto before I knew we ere all in for a treat. Tiesto’s performance had the best visual effects of any show we had seen the entire festival.

Rushing our way over to the Bass Stage, we made it in time for the start of Feed Me. I have only heard stories of the mans stage conquests, but nothing compares to experiencing his performances first hand. Banger after banger, drop after drop, Feed Me destroyed the Bass Stage, leaving his empty beer bottles and awed crowd in the wake. The guy next to us could not believe what he was experiencing and placed his hands on his head repeating “no way, oh my god,” over and over again. The crowd went nuts with every build up and every drop Feed Me dished out. It was one hell of performance.

Right after Feed Me we managed to catch the first few tracks from the filth monger, Excision. A legend now in the dubstep community, Excision waited no time to less loose his first intense drop. Knocking the crowd of its feet with each mind blowing track, he made sure the crowd was feeling his vibes and moving their bodies. I’m sure the rest of his set finished off with a bang…and a BOOM!

Our last set of the night was BT, who most are not familiar with unless you have heard of Gemini’s remix of his track ‘Emergency.’ BT’s set consisted of melodic dubstep and heavy electro. Not dropping many tracks of his own, his crowd grew fast as he dropped one gem after another. Arriving with maybe 60 others around us, to only look back after the third track and seeing hundreds jumping up and down.

I am sad to see the festival is now over. I Love This City was an incredible experience, and I am sure that those over at the part of the event in San Diego today will have an incredible time. This is the Summer of the festival for sure, don’t miss out, I guarantee your friends will make you regret it.

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