Dash Berlin – #musicislife

Posted by on April 27, 2012

#musicislife, what I hope to be one of the most used hash-tags today. At the moment I am writing this it is Thursday still and I am only 3 tracks in and my mind is completely blown. Dash Berlin is a legend when it comes to vocal Progressive Trance. Armada music must be celebrating this albums success already and it’s not even released yet.

Now this where I have finished listening to this album. I am completely speechless, this was one of the most incredible albums I have listened to in a long time. It is insulting for me to have any favorites from this, each track is amazing on its own. If I was held at gun point my top 5 would be ‘Better Half Of Me,’ ‘Silence In Your Heart,’ ‘Go It Alone,’ ‘Like Plates Spinning,’ and ‘Fool For Life.’ The 5 tracks cut me deep, the emotions of them are almost overwhelming which is why I chose them. To give a run down on all the different vocalists featured on this album would take ages. With that said though, it is incredible how many different great female and male vocalists were featured on this. Including the amount of artists that Dash collaborated with. From now on when people ask me for good Trance, I will just tell them to listen to this entire album.

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