Love Thy Brother & Jacob Plant Remixes

Posted by on January 26, 2012

Embarrassing as this is, I love tracks like this. Creating music is an art form already, but when you truly portray emotion in your work, you have a masterpiece. The duo Love Thy Brother are known for their melodic masterpieces. This new remix of their’s should set the bar for all you dubstep producers out there.

MUST DOWNLOAD: Daughter – The Youth (Love Thy Brother Remix)

Jacob Plant is a great producer that most people don’t know much about. Today on soundcloud he created a set of all the remixes he has created, most of which have not been released yet. Doing most of his work under Mau5trap, Jacob Plant seems to try hard to sound original, which considering how many people produce in the genre now, it is not that easy. It’s about time people get use to hearing his name, hes got big things coming and being only 20 years old hes got a big future ahead of him.

Remixes by jacobplant

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