Azad Right – Better Days + Exclusive Interview

Posted by on January 14, 2012

FNT favorite, Azad Right, recently dropped a new track titled “Better Days”, which will also be the title of his upcoming project.  Although the song will not be featured on the mixtape, it’s a very deep joint that really shows what Azad is all about.  Sampling The Dramatics, “In The Rain”, producer Jonathan Marquez (who produced the majority of Azad’s last mixtape, The Time Is Right, works his magic again with this track, while Azad delivers clean, crisp lyrics.  While some of you may not know a lot about Azad as a person and as an artist, FNT got an exclusive opportunity to interview him which hopefully open your eyes and ears to his music. Catch the full interview after the break.

DOWNLOAD: Azad Right – Better Days (Prod. by Jonathan Marquez)

DOWNLOAD: Azad Right – The Time Is Right [Mixtape]

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 1.) Azad for those who aren’t familiar with you or your music, how would you describe yourself?

I’m just another kid out here passionately following my dreams. I recently graduated from UC Irvine and so I’ve been able to devote the last 4 months of my life to music and I love where it’s going.

2.) After the release of your mixtape The Time Is Right you’re buzz seemed to double, not only in the blog world, but in the rap game as a whole. Aside from the mixtape itself what helped you get to the point that you’re at right now?

The Time Is Right got me tons of great feedback. It was my first full project outside of the A Piece of Mine EP so I was excited to see how people would respond. I’m actually working on a deluxe edition of TTIR right now — we’re taking off the 4 sampled songs, along with a few others, and replacing them with 5-6 new bangers. The goal is to release that on iTunes this Spring. Outside of the mixtape, I feel as though the “Spiderwebs” video has done a lot for my career. Obviously, “The Fire” video has close to 800,000 views, but I still think that “Spiderwebs” is my most relatable song.

3.) As seen on the mixtape, you have a wide range tracks, with some songs being real emotional, and others with a more “feel good” vibe. Do you see yourself as an artist that can put out ‘radio’ hits, or someone that emphasizes the importance of lyrics and conveying a message?

The majority of my music is substance driven. I’m trying to push the culture forward and that’s why I rarely contribute to the already over-saturated stream of weed/party rap. As far as radio records are concerned, I think we have a few prospects that can do well but I never go into the songwriting process with that in mind… I just do whatever feels right haha.

4.) It seems like your song Spiderwebs is your most popular track. Could you tell us a little bit about how that song came about and why you think people are so attracted to it?

“Spiderwebs” is a song about failed relationships and this is something that everyone goes through. I’m pretty sure the Coldplay sample also had something to do with why it’s gotten so popular.

6.) Being from LA obviously you’ve been promoting yourself out west a lot, but do you have any plans for a couple shows for your east coast fans?

I just wrapped up a show with Kendrick Lamar and then followed that up with a Phonte/9th Wonder show but I’m working on finding the right gigs in the east coast. I’ll be back out there to work with Jonathan Marquez in February so you never know…

7.) Whats next for Azad Right?

Just finished shooting the video for “Alone” which will go out later this month. We’re also getting ready to shoot “Showtime” in the coming weeks. As far as music is concerned, I’m working on the The Time Is Right: Deluxe Edition and a couple of other projects as well.

I just want to thank FreshNewTracks for the constant support and please download my mixtape, The Time Is Right, if you already havent!

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