BLU & EXILE – Give Me Flowers While I Can Smell Them [Full Album Stream]

Posted by on December 19, 2011

Blu is the most under-rated rapper of his time and one of the very few still left painting this language with color. Blu, if you let him will amalgamate your thoughts together for an explosion of sophisticated wisdom, a firm reminder that we haven’t lost all our lyricists just yet. Hip Hop has been consumed by senseless lyricism, candy electro beats and worst of all – generations to come have only this garbage to draw inspiration from. Artists such as Blu fly so far out from the boundaries of mainstream music, they occupy another dimension of lyricism. They remain significantly unknown because there’s not enough of us to relate to such genius, only few are privileged to know it exists. Moral of the story – it takes one to know one.

Now what should deeply astonish you is the relevancy of this video above, not only does Blu rap but he’s also a phenomenon in motion art. That video is one of his many masterpieces symbolizing his godlike patience. One of the best videos you will ever watch in this lifetime, I guarantee it.

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