Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Otherside (Original) (Music Video Edit)

Posted by on September 12, 2011

Being a huge fan of the original “Otherside” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, I decided to take the recently released music video for the remix and to match it up with the original song. The end result turned out amazing. I can’t decide whether I like the remix or the original more but they both definitely deserved the visual treatment.

Download: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Otherside (Original)

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  • Toast36

    No one has commented on this yet?? OMG THANK YOU I just discovered this song about a week ago and its consuming my life. Took me a lil bit to realize someone took clips from the original video and rearranged them to match….brilliant!! btw I like the original better but just my opinion. Wings is also incredible to me.

  • derpeddd

    the download link doesn’t work