Albums, Artists, Pop | Leah Haxhi Drops Emotional Single, FOREVER

Posted by on March 15, 2016

Forever is an original song written by NYC Singer/Songwriter Leah Haxhi, produced & mixed by Mike Irish in Brookyln, NY. This is a pop smash with flares of r&B and hip-hop elements, written for anyone who’s doubted the longevity of love. Forever is a very long time away….

Photo Credit: @freshgorestudios

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Deep House | Leeyou & Dancey remixes Kap Slap’s “Let It All Out”

Posted by on May 28, 2015

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Leeyou & Danceey, two brothers who are based out of Düsseldorf, Germany, have been making music for most of their lives. After years of working with other artists, including heavyweights like Akon, they wanted to be true to themselves and their art by developing their own music. L&D were recently announced as the winners of the remix competition for Kap Slap’s first original song, “Let It All Out.”

“We heard the original song and really liked what Kap Slap did, and once we found out there was a remix competition we thought we might as well give it a shot and give the song our own twist,” says L&D.

The duo’s deep house remix of this tune really displays their capabilities as producers in the studio. This may be the best thing coming out of Germany since Apfelstrudel.

Electro-House | Zonderling’s remix of “Outlines” is here to save your monday

Posted by on April 13, 2015

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Netherlands’ duo Zonderling has dropped their newest remix to save your Monday and it’s sure to keep you moving till at least Friday. Their version of Mike Mago and Dragonette’s “Outlines” takes the original song’s house styling and brings it to the next level with Zonderling’s signature electronic dance style. The result is an infectious track that demands attention. This one will definitely be making an appearance on our weekends playlist so be sure to snag the free download below so you can get it on yours. Don’t forget to show these guys support on their Soundcloud or Facebook.

Free Download: Mike Mago & Dragonette – Outlines (Zonderling Remix)


Hip-Hop, RnB | Pharrell – Happy (Kaytranada Edition)

Posted by on May 12, 2014

Kaytranada Happy

Kaytranada has taken huge steps in the music industry as of recently so it’s not that surprising that he’s taking another step into that of Pharrell Williams. For Pharrell already being his own powerhouse, Kay did a excellent job of fitting his shoes. This Eiditon of “Happy” is very Kaytranada but still holds all the essences of the original song.

Progressive House | Kill FM ft. Leah Hayes – Lies (Melodic Mix)

Posted by on February 19, 2014


The Swedish production duo by the name of Kill FM released their original mix of “Lies” a little over a week ago and to celebrate, are giving away their melodic mix to that very track. If you are familiar with the original, the melodic mix is literally the same exact thing, with the only difference being the drop. Kill FM, brilliantly named, is known for their bass heavy take on electro house and that is what the original song was. The melodic mix, however, is exactly what it sounds like, uplifting. Also, possibly melodic. The drop seems to fit more naturally in this version making it my preferred of the two.

Free Download: Kill FM ft. Leah Hayes – Lies (Melodic Mix)

Chill, Trap | Cleindl – Girl

Posted by on January 27, 2014

I’ve been listening to this track non-stop in my car and finally that decided it needs to be posted. “Girl” by Japanese producer Cleindl is relaxing, eerie, and fresh. Every layer in this track sounds crisp and clean. Vocal chopping and sampling laid over trap beats lays the base for this unique original song. If you’re digging the stylish atmosphere brought forth by Cleindl you can download it for free via Facebook.

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Free Download: Cleindl – Girl

Dubstep | Rameses B – Transformations Ft. Laura Brehm

Posted by on January 2, 2014

Rameses B has come out with an amazing track to start out 2014. Every time I’ve heard Laura Brehm sing on a track the vocals are always gorgeous. “Transformations” is melodic dubstep done right. I can’t think of a better word to describe this original song other than “beautiful”. It’s relaxing, well produced, and still fun. Props to Rameses B on this high quality release. Check it out on Bandcamp.

Rameses B | Laura Brehm

Bandcamp: Rameses B – Transformations Ft. Laura Brehm