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Posted by on June 28, 2011

New Chiddy Bang and Dean’s List in the same day? I’m just gonna start off by saying that both these tracks are DOPE. The electro-pop productions of both these groups have always been on point, and both MC’s are nothing short of superb. We all know that Chiddy Bang has been absolutely killing it for a while now, but the buzz that Dean’s List has generated within the last year is straight up impressive. That being said, which group is your favorite? Sound off in the comments.
DOWNLOAD: Chiddy Bang – Mind Your Manners

DOWNLOAD: The Dean’s List – All My Troubles

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  • None

    How can you possibly compare the two? Although they both have slightly similar styles they are completely different. Chiddy and Xaphoon tear it up on almost everything they drop and Sonny has one of the best flows i’ve heard from anyone coming up. I think we need to sit back while they both blow up.

  • being a heavy supporter of both chiddy bang and the deans list i think these are two tracks spit as much fire as a Californian forest fire in the middle of the summer…. i love both electro/dubstep and rap and the mix of the two is almost orgasmic in both of these tracks….. cant wait to hear chiddys new cd Breakfast and i cant wait to hear whats next for the deans list

  • DPT

    love them both… got turned onto Dean List last year and couldnt stop playing Dear Professor and Light up the Sky for probably 2 months straight non stop… having said that Chiddy is fire and I have been trying to spread the word on them for a long long time… really cant go wrong either way though

  • I’ve been a huge Dean’s List fan since they dropped their first songs and have never been disappointed by anything they’ve released. These guys need to hit it big now. Sonny has a flow that has been the most consistent we’ve ever heard from an artist at the same point in his career that Sonny is. Chiddy Bang has always produced banging tracks and I’ll always be a Chiddy fan, always keeping it Swelly, Living the good life.

    Can’t compare them…they both bring real music to our ears. Couldn’t be any happier listening to their music