Electro | Logic feat. Jhene Aiko – Break It Down (Louis Futon Remix)

Posted by on April 16, 2014

Philly duo Louis Futon may be still be arguably “new” to the scene, but their discography and social media following proves these boys mean business. They’ve got heaps of original releases in addition to a handful of remixes, each one varying a little bit in genre from the next. This delightful remix of Logic and Jhene Aiko’s “Break It Down” is, as the say, perfect for those summertime vibes. I hate to spoil this track by pointing out its similarities to Kaytranada’s style, so just think of it as Louis Futon’s own spin on that groovy feel.

On that note, you may have heard Louis Futon on Ta-Ku’s latest “Drive Slow, Homie, Part III,” in which case you should make note that track will be featured on their upcoming EP, still TBA. In the mean time, snatch this free download and toss it on your poolside playlist stat.


Hip-Hop, Rap | 21 – The Pink Bride

Posted by on March 9, 2014

With only five songs to his name on SoundCloud, to say that Memphis emcee, 21, has already made a statement with his music would be selling him short. Each of his songs pulses with raw talent that is becoming a necessary prerequisite to stand apart from the overly-saturated independent rap world.

In his latest offering, “The Pink Bride”, 21 fearlessly dives in to a Ta-Ku production that artists with far more notoriety would have shied away from. Illustrating the trials and tribulations of a past relationship, “The Pink Bride” serves as an emotional roller-coaster for 21 himself, as well as the listeners that are so easily swallowed up by the story.

Hopefully, we will be seeing 21 again soon, possibly with some original production to reassure the potential that many -including myself- see in him.

Trap | HWLS – 001

Posted by on January 10, 2014

As Ta-ku & Kit Pop join forces to create the collab group HOWLS, they give us a little teaser to hold us over until the drop of their anticipated EP. “001” presents us with a huge bass and a eerie melody, pure trap pleasure.


Hip-Hop | Childish Gambino – Telegraph Ave + Ta-Ku Remix

Posted by on November 28, 2013


The buzz around Childish Gambino’s forthcoming album is definitely becoming more and more noticeable with each new release we are blessed with. This is the fourth release off the album and I think there is great improvement from Gambino as an artist from Camp to “Because of the Internet”. I’m going to hold off on any pre-album connotations until I hear the full album, but I would expect nothing less of great from Donald and his team. Also make sure to peep the Ta-Ku remix to his brand new song as well. Australian producers are finally getting a lot of press with Flume breaking into the scene with his epic “You & Me” remix. Happy Turkey day to all and a safe Black Friday as well.

Ta-Ku Remix:

Chill, Electronic | Ta-ku – I Miss You More Feat. Atu

Posted by on October 8, 2013

I am beside myself with excitement right now. Ta-Ku’s “Songs to Break Up To” album is FINALLY released, and its fantastic! “I Miss You More Feat. Atu” is one of the tracks on the album, but let me tell you it was hard to pick just one to post here. The whole album really feels polished. Each track has beautiful instruments incorporated, some being piano and strings. It’s chill, emotional, and didn’t leave listeners with an ounce of disappointment.


Bandcamp: Ta-Ku – Songs To Break Up To

Ambient, Drum & Bass, Hip-Hop | L D R U – The Tropics (Ta-Ku Remix)

Posted by on October 3, 2013

Ta-Ku hit this in the sweet spot. This. Is. So. Flyyy. Taking all the necessary elements from L D R U’s original ambient-hop version to make a more minimal remix that goes, this shouldn’t go unnoticed. The original version ‘The Tropics‘ by L D R U hits just as hard if I say so myself, so I attached both; your ears will be thanking you later.
P.S. The original has a free download!

Chill, Electronic | Ta-Ku – We Were In Love

Posted by on August 29, 2013

“We Were In Love” is an edit put out to drum up some hype for Ta-Ku’s upcoming album release, “Songs To Break Up To” on HW&W and Sunday Records next month. The vocals are soothing, the beat is crisp and clean, and it’s packed with emotion. The piano is a nice touch as well. Ta-Ku always puts out such sophisticated tracks. I couldn’t be more excited for the album to drop! In the meantime, grab this one for free.