Ambient | Teset Delivers Trippy Vibes In Ambient ‘Stapler’ Single

Posted by on November 24, 2021

“Stapler,” is a fascinating intro into an in-depth project. Teset is new to the field, but clearly not new to music. “Stapler,” transports the listener to a technical ride into their world, filled with various instruments playing out at the perfect time, a wide array or emotions built in, and incredible arrangement that ties it all together. It’s one of those vibes where it’s just impossible to predict what will come next when the initial 30 second pass by.

“Stapler,” is one part of a bigger vision. Teset has been showcasing an album, releasing each single 1 by 1. With no promotion and no traditional branding intact, he’s been able to catch a large swath of plays on Spotify. The moment has garnered his first round of listeners, an initial fanbase that any new artist/project would be grateful or.

If “Stapler,” is what you’re into, dive deeper into what Teset is offering – it won’t leave you disappointed.

Ambient | Harris Cole’s “Gone Fishing” will have you drifting away

Posted by on May 20, 2020

I think just about everyone and their dog has caught onto the lofi craze that’s sweeping the music world. Lofi’s ability for people to passively listen to it makes it such a widespread and widely enjoyed genre. One of the titans in the scene is Harris Cole who just released a new single “Gone Fishing”. It’s the type of song you want to sit back in your chair and relax too as it takes you away. Have a listen to it below and on your favorite platform here.

Ambient | Medasin delivers a dreamy single “Mr. Skitters”

Posted by on February 19, 2019

Medasin had a breakout year in 2018 with remixes of Post Malone and Khalid as well as his debut project Irene. Now the talented young musician is back with his first offering of 2019 Mr. Skitters. The song is an ambient journey through what feels like an underwater cave system. It’s the perfect track to sip your coffee to this morning. Listen to it above and grab your copy here.


Ambient, Chill | “Kinda Nice” Is Delia Dane’s Best Work to Date

Posted by on October 19, 2018

New York based POP&B artist Delia Dane’s luscious record “Kinda Nice” is a hip-hop injected original single that is worth giving a spin. Dane’s artistic journey began early, harmonizing right alongside the likes of Aaliyah and Michael Jackson in car rides to and from school growing up. After learning piano, she found herself in a proper band by the age of 11. Years later, she continues to connect with Miami producer/songwriter Kaixen, like on this one. Check it out above now. Hoping to see more stuff like “Kinda Nice” pop up around the scene, it’s got such a chill vibe to it, it’s basically impossible to not enjoy.


Posted by on September 7, 2018

Can You Hear Me

Gianni Marino has been making musical waves and registering in dance blog databases for the last few years at least. I was just reading today about a song that came out from him in 2016 and it’s no surprise that today the youthful artist is still dropping monsters when it comes to singles. “Can You Hear Me” is a significant collaboration between Gianni, brand new artist Boy Problems and the amazing Swedish pop singer ILY. We tend to learn more about these artists as they keep releasing music and it seems that they are finally making that transition towards mainstream pop.

It’s really exciting to get the opportunity to premiere this vocal anthem today. “Can You Hear Me” is an evidently 80s inspired pop r&b song with an lyrical top line pumping the whole time. Boasting a unique twist on their pop production style, these artists are sitting pretty in a world of generic sounding singles going live every Friday.

Snag ‘CYHM’ on your preferred platform courtesy of Tipsy Records! –>

Ambient | Bonobo Fans Will Want To Check Out Newcomer Waywell’s Third Original “Tube”

Posted by on March 1, 2018

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For fans of mellow electronica like Bonobo and Shallou, Waywell’s newest release “Tube” should be on your radar and on your playlists. The U.K. based producer showcases his talents with atmospheric drones, psychedelic guitar riffs, and downtempo plucks that are reminiscent of a Pink Floyd vibe, yet still holding true to electronic certain elements. The young producer’s future success is promising and will only continue to explore and grow his unique dream-like sound. Get ready to be lost in space while listening to the ambience of “Tube” by Waywell.

Ambient, Bass, Chill | SNOWMASS Breaks New Sound Barriers via New Single

Posted by on February 24, 2018

The Chainsmokers and Sam Feldt are just two of the bigger acts to co-sign SNOWMASS’ style and sound, but with signs of approval from artists at that level of success he is clearly on the right path! SNOWMASS came out with a new single called “Breaking” recently and simply put it is epic, it is a slow cooker, though. Slowly but surely “Breaking” evolves into something epic as hell. At first it starts off a little slow but once the mix of layered synths, bass, and drums come in the track skyrockets into a new soundscape and it is memorizing.