Hip-Hop, Rap | Daye Jack – Trapped In Love

Posted by on July 16, 2014

Daye Jack is not a typical rapper. His story is unique. At only 18 years old Jack has an incredible amount direction and self-assuredness. He has honed his skills and knows his weaknesses more than your average teenager. With only one full body of work under his belt, there is plenty of room for growth and “Trapped In Love” is a fascinating, personal and beautiful step towards realizing that full potential.

Take a listen below, and get accustomed to a voice you will be hearing plenty more from in the future.

Chill, Indie | Prelow – For The Team

Posted by on January 22, 2014

After a semi-intelligent child turned me on to their music a few weeks back, I have been absolutely hooked on Prelow. The mysterious band has only one public track on their SoundCloud, but the heavily-produced indie tune “For The Team” has me begging to hear more.

Lead vocalist, Jesse Aicher, whispers sweet nothings in to your ear as the song progresses. His soft, melodic voice complementing the hazy electronic instrumental to make a sound unlike much of what I have heard coming out of the indie genre.

The duo, although seemingly new to the scene, clearly has a natural cohesion, and a knack for making intriguing music. I encourage you all to check out Prelow’s “For The Team” and stay tuned for more from the NYC-based group.

Bass, Trap | Enur Ft. Natasja – Calabria 2007 (The Clerk Rmx)

Posted by on December 17, 2013

Enur - Calabria 2007 Feat. Natasja (The Clerk Rmx)“Calabria” was one of my go to tracks back in the days when I was still learning what EDM was. The Clerk went into this and completely evolved it into a sawg-bass, traptastic jam. I would love to hear this blasted in a packed basement, no doubt everyone would be bumping out to this til the sweat shorted out the speakers.

The Clerk

Free Download: Enur Ft. Natasja – Calabria 2007 (The Clerk Rmx)


Pop, Videos | Jon Bellion – The Making Of Ungrateful Eyes (Behind The Scenes)

Posted by on September 24, 2013

[do action=”youtube” videoid=”he_WQcIYM3M”/]

There aren’t many things on this earth that I enjoy as much as Jon Bellion’s music.  A loaded double bacon cheeseburger from Five Guys, a shampoo from the fine Asian woman at Supercuts, or my bar tab on some random dude’s card are a few exceptions.  In addition, a look behind the scenes into JB’s creative process often trumps the final musical product.  Why?  You can’t appreciate a sound like Jon’s without seeing the process from start to finish.  What goes on in Bellion’s head is a mystery; a ‘beautiful mind’ indeed.

Enjoy the above video of Jon producing his recent record, “Ungrateful Eyes” fro scratch in the studio.  While it seems I’m not the only one who enjoys these videos, Jon will be releasing these for each single leading up to the release of his highly anticipated fall album.

 Facebook | Twitter

Dubstep | MNRS – Arms (Virtual Riot Remix)

Posted by on September 9, 2013

I’m sure some of you heard some of the other remixes of “Arms” by MNRS by Olugbenga and Cats Hero many months ago, and now 19 year old German producer Virtual Riot has put out his version for MNRS’s “Arms (Single & Remixes)” EP official release this last week! Virtual Riot was the only one to take a dubstep spin on the track, and his exciting, bass-filled version is such a fun listen. It keeps the cool indie pop vibes of the original while adding the deep bass and growls us dubstep lovers crave. The EP is now available on US, UK, and German iTunes!

MNRS | Virtual Riot

iTunes: MNRS – Arms (Virtual Riot Remix)

House, Mix | Disclosure Essential Mix 10/8/2013

Posted by on August 15, 2013

Amidst DJ Mag shenanigans, VMA hoopla, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga, this is exactly what I needed. Disclosure gave us their two hour debut Essential Mix on Saturday, and I’m crazy about it. I was at a cottage all weekend so this was an ideal soundtrack for my drive home. Groovy, deep, creative and soulful, Guy and Howard have given us a wicked mix. The English brothers start us off with a 15 minute tribute to the late and great Detroit hip-hop producer J Dilla, whom the pair cite as a major musical influence. Then they get right into it with a jazzy tune from Moodymann to set a tone. The rest of the mix weaves in and out of dark garage, lighter house, techno and other genres which are all expertly mixed. Only two songs off of their debut album Settle make appearances in the mix, and only one of those two is the original state. This mix is not a showcase of Disclosure’s music, rather a very entertaining, very well mixed glimpse into the collection of songs and artists that have inspired these two awesome musicians. This mix will be a daily listen for me for a while. It can still be streamed for free on the BBC Radio 1 website (the link below), but only until this Saturday. After that you’ll have to hop on Soundcloud to listen or download it.

BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix: Disclosure

Progressive House | Blondfire – Where The Kids Are (Madera Remix)

Posted by on June 12, 2013


When I’m reading Harry Potter alone in the bathroom and crying there is only one thing I need, a glass of water and my favorite Taylor Swift CD. Once I calm down, I typically clean myself up at the sink and go back to class. Upon my arrival in class, to a huge standing ovation of course, it’s not out of the ordinary for me to sit there taking notes, never participate in group discussion, and ponder why the hell the small asian girl sitting next to me thought it was a good idea to bring thai food to class. The reason I am telling you this is because, among other things, I’m pretty lonely. Jk I’m not. What I am though, is a fan of indie and Math Bishop’s remix to Blondfire’s “Where The Kids Are”. After all, it was my first post for this site. It may be because of that I find this remix of that very song so infectious. It is not the best produced song and the intro is equivalent to the feeling you get after realizing that it won’t get any bigger, yet I still really like this remix.

Free Download:  Blondfire – Where The Kids Are (Madera Remix)