Hip-Hop, Trap | Logan Garrett Connects with Rich Boy on “Got It All”

Posted by on April 2, 2022

Logan Garrett is a upcoming DJ & Producer based in Nashville. After recently playing SXSW and a handful of other shows he is now back to releasing music on a regular basis. Last month, he dropped “Pitted” with a feature from Roscoe Dash, a fun and aggressive dubstep record. Earlier this month, Garrett released “Got It All” featuring Rich Boy and now has released a visual to go along with their collaboration. The comedic music video revolves around an experience with a unique chocolate bar that takes them on a wild journey in a park. This one is tons of fun, tap in above now!

Electro | Brother Duo Record Club Revives Electro-House With ‘Switch It Up’

Posted by on February 18, 2022

If there’s one name that knows how to keep electro house alive, it’s Record Club. Singles like “Young Make Me Feel,” and now “Switch It Up,” showcase the level of craftmanship and creativity they are able to inject into the long-lasting genre. Hard-hitting synths help place a fitting level of energy into the track, giving a big-room flair to an already exhilarating ride. The single is a solid contribution to the sub-genre as a whole and slingshots Record Club to higher planes as they continue on a success streak. If you dig what Record Club have to offer, they have more of where this has come via their Spotify.

Alex and Dan, brothers, have their mind set on bringing back a special era of electronic music culture, the days when progressive and electro house sounds dominated the mainstream of the scene. Moments like garnering support from none other than R3HAB and their original releases hitting some seriously respectable marks on the streaming side begins to describe why Record Club is being righteously validated for the musical gifts they’ve brought forth.

Chill, Electro | juuku & REMNANT.exe – searching

Posted by on February 16, 2022

“searching” is a seriously compelling and dominant new collaborative single by juuku and REMANANT.exe that will have you ready to rage! Coming hot off of Seven Lines new compilation Advent Volume 4 through their label Ophelia, the stacked 7 track release is filled with all sorts of upcoming talent. The compilation brings together some of the brightest future big names and provides strong sonic diversity in the melodic dance and dubstep space. Listen to “searching” by juuku and REMANNT.exe above now.


Electronic, Trap | Juuku Unleashes New Banger

Posted by on October 17, 2021

“Numb” by juuku is a one of the producer’s more gloomier tracks to date. The sad future trap banger has a clear Porter Robinson influence on it, from the gradual somber build up that slowly morphs into an upbeat yet still emotionally charged drop. juuku has been on a roll as of late when it comes to playing shows and releasing music (as well as NFTs) and he still hasn’t released his debut album yet. Listen to “numb” by juuku above now!

Future Trap, Trap | St. Mary Unveils Stunning Music Video For Reo Cragun Collaboration “FIRE TO THE BLOCK”

Posted by on October 1, 2021

Hailing from Cyprus and based in LA, St. Mary hit it big last year with her impressive single “Blind” alongside Misdom, which has amassed over 500k streams just on Spotify since its release, showcasing an emotive and over the top melodic trap sound. Now, she has finally made her comeback with “FIRE TO THE BLOCK” featuring talented rapper and vocalist Reo Cragun, who is widely known for his collaborations with the likes of Flume and Ekali

Juxtaposing rattling hi-hats and deep bass with heavenly vocals and melodies, “FIRE TO THE BLOCK“ is without a doubt a stunner. With her vibrant production, St. Mary is always able to effortlessly complement her featured guests, an ability that shines bright on this new single. The rising producer has also just unveiled her brand new video for the song, directed, produced, filmed and edited by Savvas Christou, while starring herself and numerous actors in an immersive and chaotic story. 

As St. Mary explains about the song and the music video: 

“‘FIRE TO THE BLOCK’ is all about that abrupt moment of emotional outburst – a time when all the disappointment you felt and overlook you got from people has climaxed and then finally set free, hence the bittersweet undertone throughout the song. Producing this track felt like that outburst to me and I really wanted to convey that feeling to my listeners which is how the ‘bigger-than-life’ instrumental breaks came in.” 

“We filmed the music video for it while I was still working on the song which ended up playing a huge role in how they both developed. I approached them as one major project and so every creative decision I took on the video would then affect my production on the song and vice versa. The first and last scene of the music video shows a time bomb tied onto me which turns the feeling like you are about to explode into something literal and represents that emotional state. The video ends with a scene showing the bomb having one second to explode letting the viewer decide whether it goes off or not – sometimes we decide at the last minute to hold everything in instead. The blow-up only exists in our imagination and then the story just repeats itself.”

Electro, House | Epikker Share Electro-House Vibes In ‘Joyride’

Posted by on September 19, 2021

Epikker follows up their “Nobody Knows,” remix with a colorful original they’ve titled “Joyride.” This single bursts with positive vibes via it’s electro-house components, yet it could trigger some throwback feelings depending on how old the listener is who experiences the tune.

Thumping, synth heavy, and highly melodic, the track hits all the right pressure points to send a desire to dance through the body. The arrangement enhances the catchiness going on within, the track being easy to repeat and containing plenty to love.

Epikker has plenty of aesthetics that are easy to latch onto. Made up of Henry Strange and Suniel Fox, the two bring a balance to one another that compounds into a energy of endless possibilities.

Electro, Pop | Genderfluid Electro Pop act Emperors Shares Unique Experiences On Latest Single “We Are The Emperors”

Posted by on August 29, 2021

Expressing the “Age of Aquarius” spirit, Emperors delivers a unique worldview on their latest single “We Are The Emperors.” Drag king/queen Stephen/Cassandra is a fresh new artist in the electro art pop scene who is unafraid to push the boundaries of traditional binary ways of thinking while making catchy danceable music created in untraditional dada-esque fashion. This video & single is tons of fun and well worth the listen. Check it out above now!