Brother Duo Record Club Revives Electro-House With ‘Switch It Up’

Posted by on February 18, 2022

If there’s one name that knows how to keep electro house alive, it’s Record Club. Singles like “Young Make Me Feel,” and now “Switch It Up,” showcase the level of craftmanship and creativity they are able to inject into the long-lasting genre. Hard-hitting synths help place a fitting level of energy into the track, giving a big-room flair to an already exhilarating ride. The single is a solid contribution to the sub-genre as a whole and slingshots Record Club to higher planes as they continue on a success streak. If you dig what Record Club have to offer, they have more of where this has come via their Spotify.

Alex and Dan, brothers, have their mind set on bringing back a special era of electronic music culture, the days when progressive and electro house sounds dominated the mainstream of the scene. Moments like garnering support from none other than R3HAB and their original releases hitting some seriously respectable marks on the streaming side begins to describe why Record Club is being righteously validated for the musical gifts they’ve brought forth.

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