Konec – The Void (Ft. Anna Yvette) + Exclusive Interview

Posted by on May 24, 2013

It has been a great pleasure watching Konec grow as an artist over the past year and even more exciting to see what the future holds for this young talent. After months of hard work he is on the verge of his new EP release entitled ‘Futures EP’ on Datsik’s label, Firepower Records. It’s great to see an artist work so hard and receive the credit they deserve for the countless hours they spend working on their craft. Up until now we have been getting little glimpses of Konec’s EP through mixes, but with the EP release in four days we finally get a free download of what I consider to be one of the most emotional dubstep tracks I have heard thus far this year. Anna Yvette has clearly been busy working with some of the best producers around and she deserves her recognition just as much as Konec does. With the EP release soon approaching, I recommend everyone listen to the iTunes previews of the tracks and Pre-order the EP right after, because it is going to be worth the purchase. Up to this point I have only see positive responses about the EP and imagine only better things to come. Check out the previews below as well as the exclusive interview with Konec about writing the EP and other matters.

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FREE DOWNLOAD: Konec – The Void (Ft. Anna Yvette)

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Interview BELOW!

Konec Interview

Q: Where did inspiration first start for the EP?

“I felt that the last release I did, the free track ‘Aztek’ really tied up the whole Aztec culture theme I’d gone with on most of my tracks through 2012 so I decided to go with something that would completely contrast with that. I spent a month or so pursuing what I decided were dead ends before coming up with a plan for an EP. I came up with the idea of a global urban dystopia set 30-40 years into the future and then wrote 4 songs that I imagined could soundtrack different scenarios and events that I imagined occurring in the era.”

Q: Which track has been getting the best response thus far?

“Definitely The Void. I’ve had big names hit me up on twitter every few days since the promo went out telling me it’s beautiful which means a lot to me and Anna. The UKF support for it has also been great; I’m really pleased with how that went down.”

Q: ‘The Void’ is one of the most emotional 140bpm tracks of 2013 so far (IMO), what drove you to write a track of this sort? Talk us through the writing process for it.

“Thanks man. I wanted to write something a bit more expressive and emotive than what I’ve previously done so I decided to ban myself from using any of my bass sounds. As I said earlier, I was working with the idea of writing for 30-40 years in the future, however taking into account the fact that artists seem to draw on the past for inspiration. So the track sounds quite futuristic and stuff but underneath all of that there is a lot of influence from trance and house music in the 90s, there’s airhorns and crowd samples worked into the mix as well as breakbeats and 909 snare rushes.”

Q: Who came up with the lyrics to the track? How was it working with Anna Yvette?

“Anna wrote the lyrics with some input from me. She was absolutely great to work with, I sent her a very basic 4 bar chord sequence of what the track is now along with the concept I wanted to go for and she already had the basis of what you can hear now in about 24 hours. As someone that can take a month to write a track that was pretty awe-inspiring.”

Q: This EP showcases many different sides of you, which track was your favorite to produce? Which is your favorite overall?

“Kill City was my favorite track to write and my favorite overall. It was the quickest for me to write, I worked on it for 8+ hours a day for 7 days straight. It combines a lot of inspiration from different music I’ve listened to over the years, from UK Grime heard over school kids phone speakers to video game soundtracks of my childhood. I like to imagine it’s the anthem of street gangs in a world where technology and computing is completely synchronous with our day-to-day lives.”

Q: Where did the idea of calling it the ‘Futures EP’ arise?

“I wanted to write a record that was more than just 4 different songs with quirky names so I spent a while away from music just thinking about what I could do. One night I got mad inspired on a long car journey with a friend, imagining a global urban dystopia 30-40 years in the future and decided to write each song based around that. At first I started out with just ‘Future EP’ however I pluralized it to make it clear that the tracks explore separate ideas as opposed to being one narrative.”

Q: It seems as though more and more big name are starting to notice you, who has given the best feedback on the EP thus far?

“I think Datsik. He gave me a ridiculous press quote that went out with the promo e-mails.”

Q: I know you haven’t really had a chance to dive into live gigs much yet, but what cities if any are you hoping to maybe be booked at in 2013 if given the opportunity?

“This year I’ve already played near Venice in Italy, which was a great experience. I’d love to fly out to the US and Canada to play some shows because that’s really where the scene seems to be rooted nowadays. I’ve always found the culture there fascinating and I’d really like to visit anyway, playing shows would be a massive bonus to that. I’d also like to play in the UK, something which is unfortunately relatively alien to other British artists making similar music.”

Q: ‘Railgun’ seems to be part of a new style of four-to-the-floor fusion in the 140bpm range. Do you see this more fast paced style emerging more in the near future?

“I’d love to, me and Matt (xKore) have definitely felt a lot of influence from hardstyle recently, which will also be evident when his next Inspected EP comes out later in the year. The two seem to be a perfect match which hasn’t been properly explored yet and I hope I get to hear other people’s interpretations of it.”

Q: Describe this EP in two words.

“Electronic & Cinematic”

Q: What do you want people to walk away with when listening to this EP?

“Some kind of interpretation of the tracks beyond what you hear on first listen.”

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