Albums | Moody Drops new track, “Life”

Posted by on February 16, 2023

Moody is an up-and-coming Italian musician and producer with a distinctive sound, fusing together inspiration from styles such as lo-fi hip-hop, jazz, rock and world music. His emotionally charged new single “Life” is a self described “innocent celebration of life itself” and is a hybrid release that blends elements of pop, hip-hop, r&b and chill electronic beats. Really digging the versatility on this one. Check it out above now!

Albums | BARRON Kicks Off 2023 via “Without You”

Posted by on January 13, 2023

BARRON’s latest is another feel-good banger that is impressive as it is emotional. The lush and savory production will leave you wanting more and clicking play again and again on “Without You”. BARRON is on to something special this year, I can feel it. Listen to “Without You” by BARRON above now and keep the Nashville up-and-comer on your radar, 2023 is going to be his year if he continues to drop music as potent as this song, I’m calling it now!

‘Without You’ is a track that starts out slow and somber with vocals that make you feel an emotion similar to that of when you are missing a friend or loved one. The track moves into a chorus that could be described as energetic and carefree, reminiscent of when you’re reunited again with that person you’ve been missing. I’ve been excited to release this track to listeners for a while now. For the past few months I’ve slowly been honing in on what I want my sound to be as an artist and I felt this was the perfect track to portray where it’s heading to kick off the new year.” – Barron

Albums | 1tbsp Drops “2007”

Posted by on November 8, 2022

1tbsp is an indie-house project from Australian artist Maxwell Byrne (aka Golden Vessel) which has a sound that can be likened to a mix between Fred Again, Mall Graband Four Tet. His new track “2007” is off of an upcoming project, due out next month. Listen to “2007” by 1tbsp above now and read a quote on the release after the jump!

This idea started from a day of recording with David Versace (of First Beige), one of the first things he played was this synth line that I knew I wanted to try re-work it and speed up. After almost figuring the song out, George Nicholas (of Seekae) helped with the last few finishing touches. 2007 feelsreally influenced by a monthly club night I was throwing in Brisbane last year called “sumoclic nights” (which both David & I DJ’d). My dance music taste and love for DJing really grew and this track feels like it’s a result of that time.” –1tbsp


Albums | Berlin-based rapper Feloneye Releases New Single “Zoom”

Posted by on October 2, 2022

“Zoom” is without a doubt one of the more hype tracks I’ve heard all week. Feloneye is a Berlin based rapper on the come up who really killed his latest drop, “Zoom”. The beat is what initially drew me in due to the catchy brass line and overall high energy vibe to it but he seriously killed this one. From the hook that will be caught in your head the next week, to the lyrically witty verses, he really snapped here. Tap in to the banger above now, that also comes with a sick music video, and read a quote from Feloneye on his new track below!

“‘Zoom’ is about how I could never trust no woman, only trusting the homies, doing things on the streets, how I’m still on my own even though I ain’t alone in this evil world we live in, still hustling in my zone type of vibes. Like always when I’m in the studio with 4RAS and Or1gin, we started laying down the instruments, started vibing, put the kicks and bass on the track and then we freestyled to it ‘til something started hitting. As the first session was done, the owner of the studio pulled up and said ‘thank you for getting the trumpets stuck in my head.’

Albums | BARRON Taps Into Porter Robinson & Odesza’s Lane on “Feel Love”

Posted by on August 21, 2022

BARRON is shaping up to be one of my favorite up-and-comers on the rise. The Nashville, TN based talent is clearly influenced by the likes of Porter Robinson, Odesza and other producers in that space who create emotionally evoking electronica and he is on to something here with this project, specifically this new track “Feel Love”. It’s well worth diving in to, so do yourself a favor and keep a tab on this dude. Check out “Feel Love” by BARRON above now and read a quote from him on the release below!

‘Feel Love’ is a unique track for me in that it’s more upbeat and dance-able than my previous releases. It could definitely be classified as a house track which is a genre I don’t normally write, but I enjoyed the experience of meshing my more euphoric/melodic sound with a style that you would normally hear at a night out at a bar or club. It definitely opened up a world to me that I plan to revisit again in the future.” – BARRON

Albums | Aguava Unveils 5 track self-titled EP

Posted by on August 18, 2022

Aguava is the vision of producer Allen Chen. The upcoming China-born, US-bred musician draws on a wide range of influences ranging from afrobeats and bossa nova to disco and 90s house, he seeks to blend these genres into forward thinking retro grooves and does exactly that. His new self-titled 5-track-EP is a cohesive mixture of feel-good vibes that is a great introduction to his music! Check out a quote from Aguava on his unique approach to production below and stream his gorgeous new EP above right now!

I recorded a bunch of common kitchen items; pots, pans, cutting boards, pepper shakers, wine openers. It wasn’t until later that I added the strings, which provided the inspiration for the name of the track. The sound and shape of these strings reminded me of some kind of wind; one that weaved and meandered across vast distances. ‘Sirocco’ is the name of a Mediterranean wind that blows from North Africa to southern Europe, but to me it felt like the perfect embodiment of these strings and this song; travelling far distances and bypassing all sorts of incredible sights and sounds on that journey.”

Albums | Listen to Namywa’s emotional & cinematic track, “Sober”

Posted by on August 12, 2022

Hailing from Birmingham, UK soulful singer/songwriter Namywa returns with her new single “Sober” and it’s fantastic. The song has cinematic production and an overall powerful soundscape to the track that reminded me a lot of the late and great Amy Winehouse, who is one of Namywa’s major influences alongside Diana Gorden, Yebba, Paloma Faith, Lauryn Hill, and Jill Scott. The old school vibe on this one is special!