Albums | MarMar drops new single, “Heart”

Posted by on April 1, 2024

Check out a taste off Australian artist MarMar’s forthcoming EP, which is coming soon, above now! Read a quote from him on the release below.

“I wrote the instrumental for Heart originally as a much more piano centred track. It was a pretty emotional concept, and I was really leaning into the expression of the chords and melody. When I asked John (aka Easy Morning) to work on vocals with me, we created a story of lost love, and being so happy to see someone again that you never fully got to be honest with. Heart is a story about meeting up with someone from your past and finally being able to pour out your emotion to them but being hesitant about whether that’s the right thing to do or not.” ~ MarMar

Albums | Josh Teed drops “Just Breathe”

Posted by on February 9, 2024

Denver-based experimental bass producer and violinist Josh Teed has made a name for himself through his distinct approach to electronic music.

Blending expertly crafted, left-of-center bass sound design, symphonic instrumentation, and lush, ethereal atmospheres, Josh Teed’s style has led him to touring slots with big name bass acts such as CloZee, Dirtwire, and Koan Sound; a performance at a Pretty Lights Official Pre Party; releases on influential label Gravitas; and collaborations with artists such as Chmura, Notlö, and more.

Now, following the release of his 2022 full-length album Recurring Dream and subsequent remix album, Josh Teed is revving up towards his next EP, Taking It All In – a 6-track package being released via The Gradient Perspective Records.

Filled to the brim with cinematic electronic stylings and Teed’s signature bass production, the artist designed his new EP to be a reflection of his life journey thus far. Having grown up in New Hampshire, lived in Vietnam as a basketball player and coach, and then entered the music industry as a bass music disruptor, Taking It All In represents a rumination on life’s twists and turns – and acts a reminder to cherish every moment and embrace whatever might come your way.

As a result, Josh Teed’s new EP retains many of the elements his fans have grown to love while pushing his sound into new directions. With a further emphasis on melodic expression, lead vocals, and granular synthesis, Taking It All In seamlessly blends pop sensibilities with intricate production flourishes, a combination that marks a new sonic turn in Teed’s career.

“‘Just Breathe’ was one of my favorite tracks to work on from this upcoming EP. The combination of Chuuwee’s lyrical skills and Logan’s (Bl?m) beautiful voice really make for a unique, soulful vibe in this tune. This EP was about stepping out of my normal wheelhouse, and this track is the one that puts that approach on full display. 
“As for the tour, this will be my 3rd national headline tour, and I wanted to push myself to make this one the best yet. I’ll be adding piano and electronic drum pad into my sets alongside the violin now, and will be carefully curating the sets along with custom visuals.” Josh Teed

Albums | Jantoje Releases his Verano EP

Posted by on January 24, 2024

Jantoje is the brainchild of Sydney producer Jake Edwards, who is crafting a unique blend of indie-dance/electro-house music that can be likened to a mix between Rufus Du Sol, Odesza and Hayden James. Check out the new EP above now and a quote from the bubbling artist after the jump!

“This track was first started about two or three years ago. It wasn’t until I was going through all my project files from an old computer earlier this year when I came across it again. I had the progression down and added a vocal sample which I liked and chopped it up a bit with some resampling. Even though the song was first started a few years ago it actually came together quite quick and goes to show how your creativity can change overtime. I hope this track makes listeners want to dance at a festival or to go travelling and explore!” ~ Jantoje


Albums | UraelB Drops Slick New West Coast infused single on his latest track, “Dirty Toothbrush”

Posted by on January 23, 2024

UraelB, the enigmatic rapper who has defied the norms of the music industry since the age of 17, continues to captivate audiences with his latest single, ‘Dirty Toothbrush.’ The track serves as a teaser for his upcoming ‘NOSTALGIA’ EP, and it’s nothing short of a West Coast hip-hop masterpiece.

From the outset, ‘Dirty Toothbrush’ immerses listeners in UraelB’s vivid storytelling. Drawing on his experiences growing up in South Central LA, the rapper paints a poignant picture of adolescence, wild adventures with friends, and the carefree spirit of that time. The title itself, ‘Dirty Toothbrush,’ cleverly signifies the paradox of a life that may seem messy but is inherently pure and authentic.

Albums | Polar Bears & Deorro team up on “Front to Back”

Posted by on December 16, 2023

Since releasing their first music in 2021 and playing their first show at Groove Cruise in 2017, future house duo Electric Polar Bears (referred to as Zero and Snowball) have consistently ascended on a trajectory of success. 

Immersing themselves in the world of dance music, the duo concocted a distinctive mythology, claiming to have an Antarctic lab headquarters where they craft perfect party-throwing strategies. This narrative comes to life during their one-of-a-kind performances, where the polar bear-headed duo combine 3000 LED heads, powerful confetti cannons, captivating lasers, frost machines, and an enchanting penguin parade—all set against the backdrop of their vibrant, lively house beats.

As a result, the Electric Polar Bears’ have garnered attention with their infectious sound and magnetic performance style, which have led to collaborations with notable producers and vocalists such as Paris Hilton, Nitti Gritti, and TyDi; support from industry tastemakers like Afrojack, Alison Wonderland, Deorro, and Illenium; performances at renowned festivals, including Decadence Arizona, Water Castle Carnival, Global Dance Festival, Give Thanks, and Amsterdam Dance Event; and a showcase at Paris Hilton‘s Neon Wedding, cementing their status as a rising force in the music industry. The duo’s bi-weekly radio show, Igloo Radio, has also been syndicated to stations on five different continents, including Insomniac Radio.

Earlier this year, they released their uplifting, retro-futurist Where We Started EP and reunited with pop culture icon Paris Hilton – who befriended the duo at EDC Las Vegas 2014 – to remix her 2023 single, “Hot One,” – a track that retains the original’s euphoric club attitude while imbuing the pop single with the duo’s infectious dance music sensibilities.

Now, the Electric Polar Bears are joining forces with the globally-certified, platinum-selling artist Deorro for new single “Front to Back,” a track that’s filled to the brim with big room house stylings and complemented by energetic, lively sound design. 

As long-time friends, the collaboration came about organically – a natural creative partnership that seamlessly combines their musical skillskets and reflects their artistic synergy. Aiming to create a classic Big Room sound, “Front to Back” is a festival-ready anthem that channels nostalgic, timeless energy and euphoria. 

Launching with a pulsating four-on-the-floor beat, “Front to Back” slowly builds with splashy hi-hats, chopped up vocal samples, heart-pumping risers, and syncopated synth lines. The track then drops into an electrifying section of cathartic, hazy nightclub bliss, continuing its throbbing bassline and relentless rhythm for an infectious, high-octane atmosphere that’s sure to set dancefloors ablaze.

Fans can catch Electric Polar Bears play out “Front to Back” at their upcoming performances at Winter Laserland in Flagstaff, AZ and Decadence AZ in Avondale, AZ. 

Beyond packing out dance floors, Electric Polar Bears are dedicated to philanthropic endeavors and leveraging their platform to make a positive impact on the world. For their most recent charitable act, the duo have announced they will be donating 10 percent of their streaming revenue for the remainder of 2023 to’s Antarctica marine protection initiative – an initiative to protect vital Antarctic ecosystems and deliver the largest act of ocean protection in history.

Working with Deorro on bringing this energetic main stage anthem to life was a humbling experience. We are so grateful to be releasing with a long time friend and pioneer in dance music! When we sat down together to work on this track, we both knew we wanted something with crazy high-energy and that could really turn heads. We are all very happy with how our styles mixed together in this one!” – Electric Polar Bears

Albums | Summon Luke? Drops new track, “Conjure”

Posted by on December 5, 2023

Columbus, OH has birthed its fair share of musical talents, and among them stands Summon Luke—a visionary artist who, with each release, propels himself further into uncharted territory. His latest single, “Conjure” is a testament to his evolution, showcasing a seamless fusion of alternative pop, rock, and electronic industrial influences that resonate with an otherworldly charm.

As 2023 draws to a close, Summon Luke punctuates the year with an epic release that solidifies his status as a singular force in the music scene. “Conjure” has a haunting vibe to it at times, hinting at the artist’s willingness to explore darker dimensions within the realm of alternative rock. The result is a transcendent indie rock opus that captures the very essence of Summon Luke’s artistic identity.

Albums | Check out “Gum” by Arky Waters

Posted by on November 28, 2023

Arky Waters is an Australian newcomer who is crafting a unique blend of breakbeat/tech-house electronica which has a sound that can be likened to a mix between Bicep, Overmono and Godford. Listen to the single above now!

Just last month Arky Waters announced he had a new ep on the way while also giving us its first preview with new single called ‘Take My Time’, and he’s returning this week with the ep’s second offering, a fast-paced techno release called ‘Gum’, which he says…

“After COVID finished I tried to go to as many events as I could in order to support the music scene. Even on days I didn’t feel like it, I would drag myself out and go to all the local raves that were going on in Sydney – crews like Illicit, Allfriends, Pulso, City Soup and Motorik. I’d go by myself most times but it was never a lonely experience because the communities were so open and friendly. Everyone was doing something different but they were all celebrating music. It was kind of beautiful. I ended up making this track as a tribute to that time as I was exposed to a lot of techno that I had never heard before.” ~ Arky Waters