Deorro & Duvoh – Black (Aylen Remix)

Posted by on February 7, 2013


Middy posting trap? Well regardless of your thoughts on whether or not it is a gimmick or not, trap is here to stay and you better get with it. Trap songs that just take a track and add a few samples from run of the mill sample trap run kit in 10 minutes deserve little attention, however those that actually mold the trap instrumentals into the track and work with the sounds of the original track like what Aylen has done move forward the experiment of what is going on with the current direction of trap (I know it is not new). Aylen combines the grungy electro low end from the original with blistering high hats and snares, molding the trapped instrumentals into the framework of the original.

Free Download: Deorro & Duvoh – Black (Aylen Remix)

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