Lift Off #006

Posted by on November 15, 2012

It may be a long time in between each Lift Off, but me and w8 try and make it worth the wait with a ton of tracks. We start off with a song from Gina Star who adds a funky, soulful touch to this progressive track with Jonathan Mendelsohn on the vocals.

Beatport: Gina Star & Jonathan Mendelsohn – Tears

At first when I heard this EP, I was not too impressed, but after rinsing it out a few more times, I came to appreciate it more, especially, “Glorious” and “Spellbound” that give us the signature blend of anthemic progressive house intertwined with hard hitting electro stabs.

Following up his last effort in the last edition of Lift Off, Steerner gives us this track led by a pitched synth top line, basking in warm melodies.

Lars still appears to have his fingers fixed on the pulse of good music while he continues in search of a label to premiere this track as an official release.

Merely seconds later we got a double dose of Lars. I bet it feels extra-special to celebrate your 21st birthday with your own track. Most certainly his best work to date, no pun-intended.

Stating that his influences are Avicii, Alesso, and SHM it comes as no surprise that Richello emulates his influences, and that makes for great things here.

Enhancing his already firm track record, Richello returns with another thorough contender that’s designed with infectious synth lines and catchy rhythms.

Matt & Kendo give us a hint at what is to come in the future with an unreleased single of theirs using the vocals from the ubiquitous “Hotel California” for good measure to bring it all together.

Tim Galtz begins rank among the vast array of Swede producers. A club minded track with sharp keys and big room anthemic synth work.

The Two Friends continue an extensive run of quality records here with their uplifting remodel of Lose Myself. A respectfully tailored remix with a tough beat and delicate melody.

A sibling to their Foo Fighters remix I posted earlier, this new soulful concoction by Dirty Drunks breathes some new promising energy into the original Muse version of Starlight.

NYC native, Stereoshock comes through with another well put together bootleg this time with Artson’s “Empire” setting the tone and the Basto remix of Moby’s “The Day” adding the final touches to the track.

Feenixpawl wrap up their mini US tour this weekend in California and with that they have released the preview of their upcoming single with Quilla, of “Walls” fame, that is set to be released with a David Tort remix on November 23rd.

We gave you two of Primacy Funk’s tracks in the last edition of Lift Off and in this edition they deliver on a uplifting remix of Rihanna’s recent single “Diamonds” that gives an injection of primal energy.

As we conclude here, nothings more suitable than a fantastic tune from Lonczinki. Download on his Facebook page below.

Download: GT & Christian Luke – Begin feat. Mr Wilson (Lonczinski Remix)

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