Progressive House | Angelika Vee – Turn the Lights Up (Leventina Remix)

Posted by on June 12, 2014

Angelika Vee - Turn the Lights Up (Leventina Remix)

Leventina killed it in 2011 – 2012 with tunes like “We’re Gonna Start”, “Blonds Have More Fun”, “Revolution” and “Right Or Wrong”, but that momentum fell off largely in 2013 with some lackluster, somewhat generic big room tracks. These tunes were bookended at the end of 2012 & 2013 by their totally original remix of “Blood Pressure” and then the collab with EDX “Tempest”. They return to something more original & melodic with this remix of Angelika Vee “Turn The Lights Up”.

Angelika Vee is a super talented singer / songwriter and now producer who is now sticking it out on her own, much like trance vocalist JES. It is not that big a leap for many of these singers since they write the entire top line of most songs, which includes the melody, so to produce the rest of the song, and get all of the credit, is not that big a change. Leventina give the tune of boost of energy with a well crafted, big melody that fit well with the vocals.

Beatport: Angelika Vee – Turn the Lights Up (Leventina Remix)

DJ-Set, Exclusive, Progressive House | EDX – No Xcuses 144 (FNT Exclusive)

Posted by on December 3, 2013

artworks-000058108783-t3xmkj-t500x500The flag bearer for Swiss house, EDX has become synonymous with a soothing, progressive sound that is such a refresher when songs are simply louder and louder these days. He has had a very good year, garnering remixes for the likes of Calvin Harris and Avicii, while adding several strong originals and collaborations to his already stellar back catalog.

His weekly radio show, “No Xcuses” provides an outlet for his own original releases, while also supporting his favorite tunes from others at the moment. This episode has a strong Swiss flavor, drawing not only on his own tracks, but others from Nora en Pure, Leventina, and Dave202. He matches that with the best house tracks of the moment from the likes of Hardwell, Dirty South and Sick Individuals.

Generally in the radio shows of big name DJs there are a few unreleased tracks, but it is rare to see the percentage in this mix. You will find not just one, two or even three world premiers, there are 4, yes 4 WORLD PREMIERS in this radio show. So buckle up and get ready to hear some brand new music from EDX and his friends. Tracklist after the jump.


Electro-House | EDX & Leventina – The Tempest

Posted by on November 18, 2013

EDX & Leventina - The Tempest

Two of Switzerland’s finest house exports (well Andrea from Leventina is Italian, but its ok) EDX & Leventina have come together again for an original, aptly titled “The Tempest”. The man behind most of Swiss dance music, either on the label side or actually writing it (see credits for EDX, Dinka, Helvetic Nerds, and his aliases), Chris Reece strikes again with this Leventina collab. With a sound familiar to their heavily supported “Blood Pressure” remix, the three of these Swiss DJs deliver on a track that does not fall into the trap of copying W&W or using a washed out hardstyle kick, but remains potent and relevant in the 2013 festival sound. The vocal samples only add to the frenzied pace of the track.

Beatport: EDX & Leventina – The Tempest


Progressive House | Leventina & Dinka – Elements (2013 Reload)

Posted by on February 12, 2013


Swiss producers Leventina & Dinka go back in the vault and dig up Dinka’s single “Elements” from her 2009 “Elements EP” and give it a makeover that makes it work in 2013. They make sure to keep the same smooth, progressive sound from the original with its outstanding arps and deft key play, but it is clear that Leventina was the one primarily orchestrating the 2013 update as you can hear their electro growls and punchy bass lines pervade throughout, while Dinka did some tinkering with the melody. Leventina continue to impress with every release and while fellow Helvetic Nerds comrades EDX & Dinka enjoy the brunt of the Swiss producer spotlight, it is only a matter of time before they get their fair share of it as well.

Beatport: Leventina & Dinka – Elements (2013 Reload)

Progressive House | Lift Off #006

Posted by on November 15, 2012

It may be a long time in between each Lift Off, but me and w8 try and make it worth the wait with a ton of tracks. We start off with a song from Gina Star who adds a funky, soulful touch to this progressive track with Jonathan Mendelsohn on the vocals.

Beatport: Gina Star & Jonathan Mendelsohn – Tears

At first when I heard this EP, I was not too impressed, but after rinsing it out a few more times, I came to appreciate it more, especially, “Glorious” and “Spellbound” that give us the signature blend of anthemic progressive house intertwined with hard hitting electro stabs.

Following up his last effort in the last edition of Lift Off, Steerner gives us this track led by a pitched synth top line, basking in warm melodies.

Lars still appears to have his fingers fixed on the pulse of good music while he continues in search of a label to premiere this track as an official release.

Merely seconds later we got a double dose of Lars. I bet it feels extra-special to celebrate your 21st birthday with your own track. Most certainly his best work to date, no pun-intended.


Progressive House | EDX & Nadia Ali – This Is Your Life (Remixes)

Posted by on July 30, 2012

This is quite a few days of remixes with R3hab, Jacob Plant & Michael Woods lending their services for Calvin Harris & Example’s “We’ll Be Coming Back” remix package, tomorrow’s “Spectrum” remix package and today’s remix package of EDX’s hit single off if his album “On The Edge” with rising stars Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman & Swiss Duo Leventina providing their talents for the package. Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman stray a bit from their uplifting progressive sound and create their heaviest remix to date with a thumping bass line and pulsing synth chords that still remain a bit progressive, but the growling undertones give the song an edgier sound. Leventina go for the anthem sound with a big room, hands in the air drop with the occasional signature Leventina electro stab to add texture to the melody. They use Nadia Ali’s vocals impeccably with slow, emotional, piano driven builds. Both remixes use the parts of the original in different fashions and create new and great sounding songs.

Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman: Facebook || Twitter || Twitter
Leventina: Facebook || Twitter

Progressive House | Leventina – Champagne Nights EP

Posted by on July 9, 2012

Coming off of their very successful single “Right or Wrong“, Leventina has put together another release, this time a two track EP, with a new track “Champagne Nights” and ‘We Play House”, which was originally previewed on their album showreel, but has had a few changes since back in December. They both use the style that Leventina has carved for themselves bending progressive and electro house with hard rising synths, and growling undercurrents, while still mixing in delicate key work, uplifting melodies and anthemic drops. They have said they are going to release an album later this year, but they were supposed to release an album in March, so I will wait until an official release date is announced to be convinced.

Beatport: Leventina – Champagne Nights EP