Progressive House | Leventina – Right Or Wrong (Original Mix)

Posted by on June 11, 2012

The Swiss duo Leventina have been around for quite some time hovering on the fringe of the EDM conscious. They have been making their mark recently with singles and remixes encompassing a unique blend of progressive and electro melodies into their tracks. “Right Or Wrong” is no different from this style. The build starts with a quick moving piano lead with playful keys over top accompanied by the vocal bit that crescendos into a break of pounding bass and driving synth chords. A more electro leaning interlude with skillful key play brings us to an even bigger drop than the first. If you purchase this monster track on beatport, you will get an unreleased remix from them of Jennifer Lopez – Dance Again. Also below are two free remixes they did for Snow Patrol and for “Call Me Maybe” that you will not want to pass up on.


Electro-House, Progressive House | The 8th Note – 4 The People (Incl Leventina Remix)

Posted by on May 27, 2012

Dutch Trio, The 8th Note are back coming off of their 3 very successful collaborations with fellow compatriot Nilson. Their latest collaboration,”Transformers” supported by Morgan Page, Thomas Gold and many more is below at the end of the post. The 8th Note provide the original track with a smooth piano build with techy bass line elements. It then builds further in volume and energy into a uplifting synth melody accompanied by Gregorian style chants and a thumping bass line. As you guys know, I am very high on Leventina and their ability to blend seamlessly electro and progressive electro house during songs and among tracks in their back catalog. Thomas Gold played “We’re Gonna Start” at EDC NYC so you know things are only on the up and up for them. They get into the track from the 1st second with a complex bass driven bass line and getting the synth build with the Gregorian like chants established by The 8th Note going early. They take that piano and synth build and crescendo into a festival ready drop of rhythmic synth chords and a pounding bass line.

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Progressive House | Gavin Degraw – Not Over You (Leventina Club Remix)

Posted by on May 13, 2012

If you have been with us since last fall you would know about the Swiss duo Leventina and their high energy house tracks. This song combines what we have scene from them over the past year with a big room progressive sound with electro chops and even dubstep interludes. This song uses the recognizable vocals from Gavin Degraw that will have a room belting out “Not Over You” with a pounding bass line, massive, driving high energy synth chords, electro chops and vocal bits. The build is well constructed with the vocal verses, a moving piano melody and varying bass line. They dropped this as a preview a while back and blew my mind then and now as a free download I give my humble thanks for this incredible track. Also check out a preview for a remix of theirs coming up this month for the 8th Note on the 21st.

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Progressive House | Leventina & Dinka – Chariots (Original Club Mix)

Posted by on March 29, 2012

This collaboration between the distinguished Dinka and the laudable Leventina is something you don’t want to miss from label aptly named Enormous Tunes. The build hits you with moving synths with quick key work and a varying clap that starts a great rhythm for the track. The song crescendos into a break of pulsing pitched synths and driving electro house synths that show the influence of both artists. We have featured Leventina a few times before with singles such as “We’re Gonna Start” and “Blonds Have More Fun” with their melodic, hard hitting electro house style that is both unique and creative, and accessible to all. They are getting support from more and more big name Djs such as Tiesto, Hardwell, EDX, Morgan Page and more. Dinka is one of the great female Djs, with a command of many styles of house and growing fan base, she is one you need to follow. Check out her 3 track EP released earlier this month.

Leventina & Dinka – Chariots (Original Mix) – Beatport Link

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As a bonus here is a remix of Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso feat. Michael Feiner – Together from Cat Skillz. It is a nice progressive house take on the track that rivals the ridiculous remix from Thand put out earlier this year.