Progressive House | Steerner & Martell – Sky

Posted by on June 22, 2014

Steerner & Martell - Sky

When Usher and Young Jeezy joined forces in early 2008 to make the hit hip-hop classic, “Love In This Club”, the world was blown away. The melodic components of that song were what really had us hooked, similar to how the well known Steerner and the lesser known Martell hook us with their music. Martell is not as household a name as his fellow Swedish collaborator Steerner is, but if you have been following us for a little while and needed any more proof as to why FNT is one of the top 200ish music blogs in the U.S. and parts of southern Canada, we had been covering Martell for some time now, so you should be familiar. Big melodies and powerful drops are what these guys are known for and that is what this song consists of.

Free Download: Steerner & Martell – Sky

Progressive House | Peter Thomas – All Of You (Steerner Bootleg)

Posted by on April 26, 2014

Peter Thomas - All Of You (Steerner Bootleg)


After teasing it for quite some time on his Facebook page, Steerner has finally released his bootleg for Peter Thomas’ “All Of You”. It retains a decent portion of the original but has been reworked into a nice progressive house track featuring the usual melodic, full sounding drops we are used to hearing from him.

Free Download: Peter Thomas – All Of You (Steerner Bootleg)

Progressive House | Rebeat – Walking Dead (Steerner Remix)

Posted by on April 7, 2014

Rebeat - Walking Dead (Steerner Remix)

Swedish production and DJ duo Rebeat has had their awesome, although kind of not latest single “Walking Dead” remixed by fellow Swede Steerner. Everything Steerner touches is first class progressive house and this is no different. It has the same full sounding feel as all of his stuff and is lead by a catchy melody as always. As far as I can tell, the song is only available on the Danish iTunes store so if you are one of the zero Danish people who frequent this site, go ahead and use the link below. If it is also blocked in your region, give it some time and you’ll probably be able to find a copy somewhere.

iTunes: Rebeat – Walking Dead (Steerner Remix)


Progressive House | John Newman – Love Me Again (Steerner Bootleg)

Posted by on November 13, 2013



Not long after the release of his “Turn Back Time” bootleg, Steerner is back with another huge track and once again he crushes it. Tracks like these are what keep people interested in the increasingly stale genre that is progressive house. Steerner is easily one of the top young guys coming out of Sweden. All of his productions are just so full and of a professional standard. I enjoy this song so much that I’m going to have to borrow VMan’s ingenious saying and toss down a must listen and must download on this one!

Progressive House | Sub Focus – Turn Back Time (Steerner Bootleg)

Posted by on October 25, 2013



When I’m waiting for the video to load or am just not pleased with what I’m coming across that day I’ll usually take a 5 minute break to collect myself, maybe drink a pineapple smoothie or something and then see if anything good had been uploaded to Soundcloud since I last checked it 10 minutes ago. Today there was, and it was actually exceptionally good. Practically every track Steerner releases is amazing and this one is no different. A remix of Sub Focus’ “Turn Back Time” is what his latest work is and it has that high energy, upbeat sound that is synonymous with all his productions. It’s free so, as if you didn’t already know, it’s a must listen and must download!!!

Progressive House | Thand feat. John Harris – Freefall

Posted by on August 29, 2013

Thand feat. John Harris - Freefall
Having officially joined forces with fellow Swede, Steerner, we were not sure how much original work Thand was going to be doing on his own. From the sound of it, each is doing just fine of their own, especially Thand with this release. This is a free big-room treat with soaring vocals from John Harris, that take the track from being solid, to great. Did I mention it was free, no strings attached?

Free Download: Thand feat. John Harris – Freefall

Progressive House | Lift Off #006

Posted by on November 15, 2012

It may be a long time in between each Lift Off, but me and w8 try and make it worth the wait with a ton of tracks. We start off with a song from Gina Star who adds a funky, soulful touch to this progressive track with Jonathan Mendelsohn on the vocals.

Beatport: Gina Star & Jonathan Mendelsohn – Tears

At first when I heard this EP, I was not too impressed, but after rinsing it out a few more times, I came to appreciate it more, especially, “Glorious” and “Spellbound” that give us the signature blend of anthemic progressive house intertwined with hard hitting electro stabs.

Following up his last effort in the last edition of Lift Off, Steerner gives us this track led by a pitched synth top line, basking in warm melodies.

Lars still appears to have his fingers fixed on the pulse of good music while he continues in search of a label to premiere this track as an official release.

Merely seconds later we got a double dose of Lars. I bet it feels extra-special to celebrate your 21st birthday with your own track. Most certainly his best work to date, no pun-intended.