Bassnectar – Freestyle Mixtape & News On Upcoming EP

Posted by on October 3, 2012

Bassnectar is and always will be the King of Dubstep, no one can seem to follow his style, he is literally an unstoppable force. This new mixtape of his is full of and based off of his unreleased and upcoming EP, “Freestyle,” dropping October 16th. Only days away!!! F^@K, Bassnectar owns this mixtape, he even has some Trap on here, which I hate. Bassnectar shows how Trap is to be done, it’s not Moombahton! For Gods sake, all Trap is, is just bad Moombahton, Trap is part of Purple Bass music, look it up and take notes. He isn’t the King just because he is famous, Bassnectar is the King of Bass because he knows exactly what he is doing and he constantly proves that.

I can’t begin to talk about every single track on here so I will keep it simple until his new EPs release. I will just mentions my favorites because they are clearly the most amazing tracks in this mixtape…in my opinion of course. I will even do the favor of mentioning the time periods to which they reside on this mix. First track on the mix I liked is “Freestyle” (1:46-4:00), it is in fact Dubstep but contains a bit of the Trap I was talking about. Second, “Jigga Up (Bassnectar Remix),” (11:11-15:07), its long, isn’t that great? Who doesn’t love those rasta vibes, hell knows I love them. Third, “Manhattan Bound (Bassnectar Remix),” (15:08-16:43), let me just start by saying I love Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, their style should be used and remixed more, it is something you just don’t see enough these days. Fourth, “Bassnectar & DC Breaks – Breathless feat. Mimi Page,” (23:45-26:18), this may be one to add to Bassnectar’s greatest, DC Breaks have had a hand in greats of his before and this just further proves their incredible chemistry. Last, “Ed Solo – Egyptian Horns (Bassnectar Remix),” (32:49-34:40, not including vocal samples), this remix may never release. Bassnectar is known for his countless unreleased remixes, this remix being one that is one of the most sick to never be obtained by any of us.

Long, though my write up is, this mixtape is well worth the listen. If you dont feel like reading at least consider the time periods I posted about to the mixtape, they should be listened to even if you don’t finish the mix.

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