Electronic | Interview: Mark Daisy Comes Out The The Gate Swinging With ‘Runaway’ Off Of Upcoming ‘Daisyland’ Album

Posted by on July 6, 2023

Mark Daisy, a notable newcomer to the dance-pop scene, has recently unveiled his debut album, Daisyland – and the magical word that comes with it – spearheaded by the track “Runaway.” This uplifting composition beautifully merges vibrant melodies with introspective sound design, showcasing Daisy’s extraordinary musical vision.

The intriguing concept of Daisyland paints a picture of a world bursting with gorgeous flower colors and rainbows, where Daisy resides among ‘Speaker Creatures’ that contribute to the playful and harmonious atmosphere. “Runaway” acts as a gateway to this realm, inviting listeners on a transcendent journey in Daisy’s unique vehicle – the bubble-powered Daisy-Mobile.

Mark Daisy’s collaboration with industry talents such as Nicky Night Time, Noah Schy, and Nate Alford has undeniably impacted the development of Daisyland, crafting a distinct musical universe that awakens the senses.

This talent has worked in the music industry in a variety of ways, with this release being his way of dipping into something new he is passionate about. See what this guy is all about and check out the interview Mark Daisy did with us below.

Exclusive Interview

How did you develop the idea of ‘Speaker Creatures’ that inhabit Daisyland?

This record is about energy and joy. We weren’t taking ourselves too seriously and the music we were creating wasn’t either. Noah Schy and I were working on a song and started the kind of ridiculous discussion that you start many hours into making music, brainstorming who would live in and play in Daisyland. With an assist from my wife Tessa, we soon knew it was the Speaker Creatures. Small, silly beings who ran around and played music out of their chests. Imagine a cross between a toddler, a puppy dog and a rave.

Then, with my friend and true creative coconut Squid Spelman (see the incredible work she’s done with Sofi Tukker) we started fleshing out and envisioning. We brought the world we were creating to some friends at Linguini Studios who brought the Speaker Creatures, and Daisyland, into visual reality.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences, and how have they shaped your artistic style?

Oh man, I don’t even know where to begin. I love and have been influenced by so much music. From Scott Joplin to ABBA to Avicii, and maybe a little 90s Jock Jams 🙂

For this project a friend of mine had a great framing – he said it was about “the quest for the schlager” – and Abba sits at the center of the schlager for me.

Can you talk about your experience collaborating with renowned talents like Nicky Night Time and Nate Alford?

Amazing! Nicky and Nate are incredible talents and wonderful humans. So much of creating for me is about the joy of collaboration, absorbing energy, experience and ideas while working side by side.

Nate is obviously an incredible vocal producer – part of what makes him so great is that he was able to help me understand more about my own voice, to help find the strongest moments and bring those forward. Obviously this was great on these records but going forward I have so much more wisdom about how to use my voice.

I was so excited to go work with Nicky – I’m such a fan of what he’s done. In our session he was rapid fire churning out melody ideas – able to discard one or expand and build out another so quickly. I really learned from him not to let anything be precious in the creation process – explore it, see if it works and move on if it doesn’t.

Are there any dream collaborations or artists you would love to work with in the future?

Anyone that wants to hop in and push the energy of Daisyland forward I am game! In a dream world? It’d be amazing to work with ABBA, SG Lewis, LP Giobbi, Sofi Tukker, Caribou or Purple Disco Machine.

How has 2023 been treating you so far?

This picture about sums it up. The sun is shining, the crew is healthy and Daisyland music is starting to go out in the world.

Albums | cozy kev Teases Heavier Sound With Incredible New Single “Holy Rain”

Posted by on October 25, 2022

cozy kev is a Chicago-based producer taking listeners on a celestial journey through sound by blending together elements of ethereal future bass, shadowy hip-hop beats, and raw electronic trap. His new track “HOLY RAIN” is a great introduction to his music if you have not yet heard it, so tune in to the song above now and read a quote from cozy kev on the release after the jump!

“The first drop was really intended to make you feel cool. I thought of riding through a city with the top down, just feeling myself haha. The second drop was made to intensify the emotion of the song and really just summarize the whole idea as a constant buildup into that second drop. It gets heavier as well, as I’m trying to show people that I’m gradually getting into a heavier style of music.”  – cozy kev

Albums | BARRON Taps Into Porter Robinson & Odesza’s Lane on “Feel Love”

Posted by on August 21, 2022

BARRON is shaping up to be one of my favorite up-and-comers on the rise. The Nashville, TN based talent is clearly influenced by the likes of Porter Robinson, Odesza and other producers in that space who create emotionally evoking electronica and he is on to something here with this project, specifically this new track “Feel Love”. It’s well worth diving in to, so do yourself a favor and keep a tab on this dude. Check out “Feel Love” by BARRON above now and read a quote from him on the release below!

‘Feel Love’ is a unique track for me in that it’s more upbeat and dance-able than my previous releases. It could definitely be classified as a house track which is a genre I don’t normally write, but I enjoyed the experience of meshing my more euphoric/melodic sound with a style that you would normally hear at a night out at a bar or club. It definitely opened up a world to me that I plan to revisit again in the future.” – BARRON


Hip-Hop | HOT THIS WEEK: LeeLee Haxi Drops New Emo-Trap Mixtape ‘Until Then’

Posted by on November 28, 2016


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With a tone set for subliminal sadness, LeeLee Haxi goes against the grain with her new trap tinged R&B hip-hop enthused project Until Then. With a unique style, LeeLee creates a sound perfect for kicking back and getting lost in some therapeutic thought. It’s clear she has been keeping an ear to the streets as she has been crafting her sound. Be sure to keep your eyes and ears on her.

LeeLee is not new to Fresh New Tracks, but this is the premiere of the first full mixtape project from the NYC singer/songwriter, featuring a song produced by non other than Monsta Beatz Music. Check out her latest single Pull Up which released this past Thanksgiving on iHipHop’s A3C Vol. 6 Mixtape. She has some more heat dropping soon and is heavily featured on Young Roddy and Trademark da Skydiver’s album, Family Business dropping this friday, and also featured on veteran producers Shelco Garcia and Teenwolf’s upcoming record Sky High on Mixmash Records coming December 12th.


House | MalLabel and Eko Zu Team Up For Powerful House Original “Let Me Fall”

Posted by on November 17, 2016

MalLabel is a San Fransico based level showcasing several new releases per week, the latest being an Eko Zu release, entitled “Let Me Fall” paired with a music video, which you can find above. The music video is more of a visual accompaniment than a full-on story, but the vibe fit. The feel is trippy and enjoyable regardless, fitting the vibe of the original.

Eko Zu impresses me with their style and branding, they are a trio, with a dark theme and some members wearing mysterious masks. Not your typical solo DJ here.

“Let Me Fall” is hard not to enjoy, the beat sets a nice tone that’s easy to get into, while the vocal takes the experience to the next level.

Artists, Hip-Hop, Review, Trap | LeeLee Haxi Drops Another Trap-Influenced Single, “Done It”

Posted by on October 24, 2016


NYC singer/songwriter LeeLee Haxi gives us another taste of her upcoming project “Until Then” with her second single, “Done It”, produced by Nils Urban. LeeLee will be making waves this fall, not only releasing her first full project November 7th, but also with some impressive collaborations on the horizon. She is featured on Shelco Garcia and Teenwolf’s upcoming single “Sky High” targeted for release this fall on Laidback Luke’s label, Mixmash Deep. For all the Jef Life fans out there, she will also be featured on the collaboration album “Family Business” from Young Roddy and Trademark da Skydiver, to be released December 2nd through iHipHop Distribution.

Stay tuned for big things to come from LeeLee and follow @leeleehaxi for updates.

Future Trap | “Felicity” produced by Leat’Eq, Wanna Wake, and featuring Haley Gorman Puts The “Bass” In Future Bass

Posted by on September 21, 2016

Daily Earfood has been on role when it comes to finding small artist with big sounds, they’ve done it again with the release of “Felicity”, a song `that proves this trio can stand on their own feet – a breaking point for artists who seem somewhat new to the dance music game as a living.

I hope Leat’Eq and Wanna Wake work together again, future bass is a very saturated market/sound right now, but they’ve found a way to approach the genre freshly and deliver something that goes above and beyond the call of duty. Haley Gorman is the strings that pull the package together though – very soothing style here.