R Rated #44

Posted by on August 29, 2012

Our friends over at Bass Union really brought the heat, you know, “The Power Of Fire.” Terravita has been taking names with all the remixes he has been releasing this year, it was about time we got some bomb originals. The track-list in order from the video above is “This Time It’s Personal,” “Well Oiled Machine,” “No Room,” “Motive Unnecessary,” “metROIDS.” “metROIDS” is available for free download via Terravita’s Facebook. I would say the most anticipated track of this EP is the behemoth, “Well Oiled Machine,” but after listening to this teaser it has to be all of the five tracks. “The Power Of Fire” EP drops in just a few days on September 4th.

We have another upcoming EP, but this one’s release depends all on the fans making sure Deadpool Dubstep hits his goal of 2000 likes on Facebook. Like the rest of us that enjoy R Rated, Deadpool Dubstep is filth feind, and this soon to be free EP of his does more than reflect that taste. The EP title “Armory” is the perfect name to outline the tracks contained within. Don’t be shy, and like the s#!t out of his facebook page.


This next track is a huge tease, the name is “Free,” but we can’t have it yet. This also leaves me slightly disappointed in myself for making people have to click ‘Read On’ for the actual free downloads of this weeks R Rated. Back to this track though, Virtual Riot is the creator of one of favorite tracks of 2012, “Superhuman.” Since then, I hate to say it, but he hasn’t come close to that standard. This instrumental makes me think otherwise now, and I really hope he adds some sexy female vocals, just enough to send this track over the edge of awesomeness.


Happy Wallet

Rekoil has big plans for the future, watch out for him.

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