Dubstep | R Rated #61

Posted by on January 25, 2013

Sorry for the delay on R Rated again guys, but we had a lack of free tunes again this week and just needed to wait a bit more for the goods. To kick off R Rated we got this sick preview from Flux Pavilion’s upcoming EP of a track that seems to have him on the vocals. The track is entitled The Scientist and has that awesome old school Flux Pavilion vibe that everyone fell in love with. Only 4 more days until the EP releases so keep your eyes peeled.

Mach and I posted this track a few weeks ago on R rated talking about how badly we wanted this track and the fact that we would never get it. Well we were wrong, because after getting spammed Trolley Snatcha decided it was time to give it away. I can’t imagine as to why he wouldn’t finish such a monstrous track and release it on an EP.

Next up is an absolute grimey, dirty, gritty track from Getter. This track is filthy on so many levels its hard to describe. I honestly don’t know how else to describe this track besides that it nearly rips your ears to bits from its tearing mid range basses. On another note, Getter’s collaboration with Protohype is a little bit strayed from Getter’s usual style and leans more toward a more melodic and festival style track while keeping some grime.

Formerly known as Deadpool Dubstep, Ommi has just released his Mutant EP yesterday and just to push the EP up the charts a little more, as a side gift if you buy the EP and send him a screenshot of the purchase you can also gets this heavy track. Its a tribute to his old alias and its a banger.

Here are a few more track and previews for you guys to enjoy. Read on.


Dubstep | R Rated #57

Posted by on November 28, 2012

Ah, once again my favorite time of the week. Ommi (previously Deadpool Dubstep) has graced our ears with his first filthy remix under his new name. Remixing an already epic tune from Syrebral, Ommi dropped this fantastically like Getter. Heavy and crunchy, a true eardrum destroyer and perfect start to this weeks R Rated.


Free Download: Syrebral – Broken Angels (Ommi Remix)

Asian Trash Boy never disappoints with his free remixes. He has a cool Hip-Hop/Dubstep blend that only feels right to rock out to.


CrusiA is new a producer to me, as of tonight in fact. Listening to this track, it started out interesting but nothing really grabbed me. Little did I know I was going to lose my virginity again about 34 seconds into the track.


Free Download: CrusiA – Get Bass OS2

This turned out to be the most interesting track of my night. The track starts out like any other Dance or House track. I really just didn’t want to listen anymore after that, but something about Dubstep being its labeled genre made me have to know what was in store. Worth the curiosity.


If you click “Read On,” a magical unicorn will appear or you will find more R Rated Dubstep.


Dubstep | R Rated #44

Posted by on August 29, 2012

Our friends over at Bass Union really brought the heat, you know, “The Power Of Fire.” Terravita has been taking names with all the remixes he has been releasing this year, it was about time we got some bomb originals. The track-list in order from the video above is “This Time It’s Personal,” “Well Oiled Machine,” “No Room,” “Motive Unnecessary,” “metROIDS.” “metROIDS” is available for free download via Terravita’s Facebook. I would say the most anticipated track of this EP is the behemoth, “Well Oiled Machine,” but after listening to this teaser it has to be all of the five tracks. “The Power Of Fire” EP drops in just a few days on September 4th.

We have another upcoming EP, but this one’s release depends all on the fans making sure Deadpool Dubstep hits his goal of 2000 likes on Facebook. Like the rest of us that enjoy R Rated, Deadpool Dubstep is filth feind, and this soon to be free EP of his does more than reflect that taste. The EP title “Armory” is the perfect name to outline the tracks contained within. Don’t be shy, and like the s#!t out of his facebook page.


This next track is a huge tease, the name is “Free,” but we can’t have it yet. This also leaves me slightly disappointed in myself for making people have to click ‘Read On’ for the actual free downloads of this weeks R Rated. Back to this track though, Virtual Riot is the creator of one of favorite tracks of 2012, “Superhuman.” Since then, I hate to say it, but he hasn’t come close to that standard. This instrumental makes me think otherwise now, and I really hope he adds some sexy female vocals, just enough to send this track over the edge of awesomeness.