Drum & Bass Fraturday

Posted by on July 14, 2012

The weekly Drum & Bass post has seemed to be either on Fridays or Saturdays, mainly dependent on how satisfied we are with the Drum & Bass selection or how busy our Fridays tend to be. After drafting the post last night, I knew I had some great tracks for this post but was still disappointed in how much it actually contained. I am still not entirely satisfied, but some of these tracks can’t wait any longer.

First track is an awesome Reggae Hop styled Drum & Bass track from Jinx. With a little bit of Dub vibes as most Reggae has, this track is insanely catchy and addicting. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have already listened to it.


This next one is definitely the rare Drum & Bass funky party tune. Sampling some of the 90s babies favorite jams including beat sampling from Austin Power’s theme track and other Pop Culture references. A fun track to listen to or party to.


Although this is only a clip with no official release date, Mitis has been on roll lately. He has been dipping his toes in almost every electronic genre and taking names in the process. The Drum & Bass/Drumstep original of his is nuts, Mitis wastes no time in blowing your mind.

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