Mashups, Videos | Throttle – What’s That Sound (Live Mashup)

Posted by on September 16, 2013

Remember Madeon’s “Pop Culture”? Of course you do, that thing went next-level viral. Since that video using Novation Launchpad, there have been many people making their own videos doing similar styled mashups, some good, some bad, but nothing with the gusto of “Pop Culture”. Well that may have changed. This mashup goes through 30 songs in just 3 minutes, largely incorporating dance music tracks, but also a few pop vocal samples. He also adds a few of his own piano breaks as well. “Pop Culture” changed the game in terms of mashups, and this aught to seal the deal. You can grab the free download below. Full tracklist after the jump.

Free Download: Throttle – What’s That Sound (Live Mashup)


House, Preview | Madeon – Finale (Preview)

Posted by on July 16, 2012

I’m calling it here and now: “Finale” is going to be the anthem of summer 2012. It’s been a long, trying wait for this one ever since the teaser vid dropped, but now we have a full(ish?), tag-free preview of the epicness that is the little Frenchman’s latest (much as I love hearing PETE TONG RADIO ONE WORLD PREMIERE every twenty seconds…yeah, no, I really don’t.) Fun fact: it’s been a year since Madeon’s breakthrough “Pop Culture” video. And what a year it’s been for this kid…

“Finale” drops on July 22. Preorder it on iTunes here.

Drum & Bass | Drum & Bass Fraturday

Posted by on July 14, 2012

The weekly Drum & Bass post has seemed to be either on Fridays or Saturdays, mainly dependent on how satisfied we are with the Drum & Bass selection or how busy our Fridays tend to be. After drafting the post last night, I knew I had some great tracks for this post but was still disappointed in how much it actually contained. I am still not entirely satisfied, but some of these tracks can’t wait any longer.

First track is an awesome Reggae Hop styled Drum & Bass track from Jinx. With a little bit of Dub vibes as most Reggae has, this track is insanely catchy and addicting. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have already listened to it.


This next one is definitely the rare Drum & Bass funky party tune. Sampling some of the 90s babies favorite jams including beat sampling from Austin Power’s theme track and other Pop Culture references. A fun track to listen to or party to.


Although this is only a clip with no official release date, Mitis has been on roll lately. He has been dipping his toes in almost every electronic genre and taking names in the process. The Drum & Bass/Drumstep original of his is nuts, Mitis wastes no time in blowing your mind.


House, Videos | Madeon – Finale (Teaser)

Posted by on May 31, 2012

Wow just wow. Having just turned 18 yesterday (get after it ladies), Madeon has released a teaser for an upcoming single “Finale”. We previously reported that he was to be releasing an EP and that is wrong as Madeon himself said he was just going to stick to releasing singles. Madeon is a producer who refues to release tracks too early, believing in the axiom of “quality over quantity”, something I deeply appreciate, taking his time with each of his tracks and makes sure they are perfect or better before releasing them to the public. I first heard this back in February in Toulouse and I simply did not know how to process what I was hearing. With “Icarus” and his remix of Matin Solveig’s “The Night Out” under his belt in 2012, “Finale” will be a massive addition to small but important catalog this year. Words cannot really describe the track, so just hit play and let the sounds of Madeon caress your soul.

Hip-Hop, Videos | IanJ – Lead You On (Feat. EZ)

Posted by on October 4, 2011

Fresh off the release of his latest mixtape, Pop Culture, IanJ continues to build the hype around this project with the release of some visuals to Lead You On . This video was shot in Chicago on Ian’s 18th birthday, and directed by Aaron Scharaga with the help of the rest of his Champagne Jelly team. If you are feeling this track and haven’t grabbed Pop Culture yet, head over to Ian’s SoundCloud and grab it.

Download: IanJ – Lead You On (Ft. Brandon EZ Appleton) [Prod. Force One Seven]