Savoy & Heather Bright – We Are The Sun

Posted by on May 14, 2012

As I stated a few weeks back with their remix of Chromeo, it has felt like they just haven’t been doing too hot for about 6 months until recently. They previewed this gem about 5 months ago, and finally, as of today this Electro-House banger is obtainable. Heather Bright has a great voice for this style of music, her vocals on this track get you amped up for a rager. Savoy also did a dubstep remix of the track, which as the past has shown is a strong suit for them. The dubstep remix is dirty, if it was Wednesday you would definitely see it up on R Rated. This entire release surprised me because even the Manuel De La Mare remix is a great house track. I will stick by my guns when I say the original is still the best of the three.

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