Drum & Bass Fri…Saturday

Posted by on April 21, 2012

Drum & Bass is a little late, but for a good reason. The post I had lined up was all liquid Drum & Bass, and in my opinion this post should have some variety to it. Out the blue, not Sub Focus but Netsky dropped a sick new track preview (see what I did there). It is everything you would hope Netsky would release. ‘Come Alive’ is set to drop May 21st, which includes remixes from Culture Shock, Rockwell, and Submerse. Another preview, but not as official is from Protohype. Not named yet, the track is as awesomely heavy as something Noisia would be famous for. That is literally all the information that exists on this soon to be giant track.

For the first downloadable track, I thought to use something epic, but not epic as in what you would expect. See, this gorgeous liquid Drum & Bass track is almost 9 minutes long. Can you handle it?


I was surprised to see that Dub Scout busted out a new D&B tune. The track is taken from ‘The Dub Rebellion’ LP. It has some heavy synths in it, but the crunchiness just characterizes the smooth beat a bit more.

This remix is absolutely insane, after about 50 seconds the track just takes off into a huge drop. Not to sound racist, but I have notice that the asians seem to produce more Drum & Bass then they do Electro and Techno. Despite the language barrier, this is still a sick remix.

Just like my old dubstep posts, this Drum & Bass one is starting light and moving to the heavier side of the genre. Villem really stuck to the roots of Drum & Bass, adding a bit of a factory vibe to it. Using voices for only sample purposes, they really add character and originality to each segment of the track nonetheless.

If you did not believe my statement for the last track, you will now. This is a beastly heavy Drum & Bass jam. Before it even drops you know you are in store for an insane russian styled rave experience in your ears. Bust a move.

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