Pop | Joey Myron Releases Hybrid Single “Colorado”

Posted by on December 9, 2021

With an Instagram bio that simply reads Russian Cowboy in Nashville/LA, I was intrigued to check this one without hesitation. Joey Myron is a first generation Russian immigrant who grew up in Massachusetts learning classical piano at a young age. He perfected his craft over the course of his childhood and teenager years and eventually ended up in LA shortly after attending Berklee College of Music. Now residing in Music City, Nashville, TN he is releasing a hybrid style of music that blends all types of musical styles. Check out a quote on the song below and stream “Colorado” by Joey Myron above now!

“Colorado” relays the bitter-sweet feeling of leaving everything behind and going back “homeward” to the roots of being human; surrounded by family and amidst the natural world. The nature of Colorado is a major inspiration for the song. On one hand, the beauty of the mountains is an attractive setting for a reclusive lifestyle that taps into the essence of being human. On the other hand, the bitter cold offers a harsh reality of survival and represents the departure from comfort found in more urbanized environments. There is also a Bonnie and Clyde runaway element to the song.”

Drum & Bass | Drum & Bass Fri…Saturday

Posted by on April 21, 2012

Drum & Bass is a little late, but for a good reason. The post I had lined up was all liquid Drum & Bass, and in my opinion this post should have some variety to it. Out the blue, not Sub Focus but Netsky dropped a sick new track preview (see what I did there). It is everything you would hope Netsky would release. ‘Come Alive’ is set to drop May 21st, which includes remixes from Culture Shock, Rockwell, and Submerse. Another preview, but not as official is from Protohype. Not named yet, the track is as awesomely heavy as something Noisia would be famous for. That is literally all the information that exists on this soon to be giant track.

For the first downloadable track, I thought to use something epic, but not epic as in what you would expect. See, this gorgeous liquid Drum & Bass track is almost 9 minutes long. Can you handle it?



Hip-Hop, Rap, RnB | Grapes on a Vine – Betty Wright f. Lil Wayne

Posted by on November 9, 2011

Legendary soul & RB singer Betty Wright recruits Lil Wayne for this track to help promote her album, Betty Wright: The Movie, which was co-written by The Roots Questlove. The fact that a legend like Betty Wright felt the need to recruit Lil Wayne for her album to spark interest is pretty sad, but it’s just further proof of what the music industry has become these days. If you need to sell records just find an artist like Lil Wayne, Drake, Rihanna, or Bruno Mars to feature and you’ll have something the majority of people want to listen to

Grapes on a Vine – Betty Wright f. Lil Wayne


Trance, Videos | Trance

Posted by on September 6, 2011

Now I know some or even most of you are going to skip over this post because trance is not upbeat enough or too repetitive or because you can’t party to trance. I understand, I can’t force you to like music, but I can give you a taste of it and make you better informed. I plan on making this a weekly posting to keep you guys up to date on the best of trance. Trance is uplifting, emotional music that can be played in many settings. It can be played as dance music such as if you have ever seen a trance artist live like Above and Beyond, (the best show I have ever seen) then you know how much energy it can have. So lets get to the music. Here is the music video for Mansion by Gareth Emery and Ashley Wallbridge and the song is pure Trance gold.
DOWNLOAD: Gareth Emery & Ashley Wallbridge – Mansion

Here is another cut from Gareth Emery’s new CD “The Sound Of Garuda Pt. 2”, which has two new tracks from him and 12 new songs overall. Gareth Emery is a total boss so get this guy’s music. Some people have said that trance is becoming too mainstream or moving too much towards house, but this CD stays with with the roots of Trance combining influences of the new era trance to create an amazing CD start to finish. Get it on iTunes or beatport.
DOWNLOAD: Gareth Emery & Ben Gold – Flash

Here is the latest track from Trance veteran Andy Moor on Armada records (Armin’s Record Label”. It is a beautiful trance song that works with the latest in trance with some female vocals, uplifting synth and typical trance bass to tie it all in. Buy it HERE.
DOWNLOAD: Andy Moor Ft. Sue Mclaren – Fight the Fire (Original Mix)

This remix of the American BT’s “A Million Stars” is absolutely sublime. The bass, the female vocals, the hands in the air synth, especially on the drop is all just so good. If you are driving you will want to go really fast and if you are sitting you will want to stand.
DOWNLOAD: BT feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw – A Million Stars (Myon & Shane 54 Summer Of Love Mix)

House | Rene Amesz, Davi, and more | Classic House

Posted by on May 20, 2011

This post is for all our avid house listeners, whether classic, dutch, deep, or whatever. Let’s go back to the roots. Soundoff in the comment section.

Classic at 1:01. 5/5
DOWNLOAD: Rene Amesz – Get Together (Redondo Remix)

Incredible deep house at 2:02. 5/5
DOWNLOAD: Davi – Delysid (Daniel Leseman Remix)

DOWNLOAD: Jerome Sydenham & Aschka – Daphne (Brooklyn Dub Mix)

LOVE this beat, get down at 1:00. 4.5/5
DOWNLOAD: Roy Davis Jr. (feat. J.Noize & Kaye Fox) – Enjoy The Ride (James Talk & Ridney Remix)

This beat is SO DIRTY. Hit the floor at 1:00. 4.5/5
DOWNLOAD: Francesco Diaz & Jeff Rock – Disco (Original Mix)