R Rated #24

Posted by on April 11, 2012

A couple sick previews to kick off R this week. First is a clip of Tomba’s ‘You and Me,’ off of his upcoming EP, ‘Time To Slam.’ This track is pretty grimy, been looking forward to some new original Tomba.  The ‘Time To Slam’ EP drops April 30th. This next preview is quite the treat, and I honestly will be waiting very impatiently for its release. The intro is melodic and simple, which is a great start to any track. All of a sudden the pace changes, and your left watching this beat warp into a filthy drop. Releases April 30th.

With the release of Datsik’s ‘Vitamin D,’ means the conclusion of the ‘Full Blown’ contest. Taking the win with an epic submission is The Firm. It is some nasty Drumstep with one crazy kick off to the drop. Coming in second place but still worth mentioning is Rekoil’s remix. He took a slower pace with his remix, but still provided something filthy for everyone. My advice, pick one to download or you will get sick of both too fast.

When I saw what track was remixed, I smacked my palm to my forehead in a sense of shame. Well now I’m embarrassed because this is not only bearable, but actually really sick. Give it a chance, it wont disappoint.

Mixing in something different for R. It is still the same R Rated material, but taken to a more bass packed orgasm. Damn sluts.


Is it me or is this thing dirtier than the Pope’s confessional booth at the adoption agency? Must be me.

Click ‘Read On’ To Check Out  A Few Upcoming Tracks

You clicked it, suckers…just kidding. This remix from Bare Noize is much needed, feels like it has been some time since we got something nice from him. The remix is dropping on BellaSaona’s, ‘Off With Their Heads,’ out April 17th.

I have developed a slight obsession over Phrenik. I first heard his music a few weeks ago and I can’t stop now. Everything he has been releasing is R Rated gold. The up and comer is going to be a brick wall to the competition. The remix drops April 18th.

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