Datsik — Vitamin D

Posted by on April 10, 2012

All the heavy dub heads have been waiting for this day to see Datsik release all his hard work onto his first album “Vitamin D”. Being a fan of Datsik and knowing the potential he has; I went into listening to this album with very high hopes. Known for putting out some of the filthiest songs it is safe to say Datsik is pretty well known for his heavy wobbles and crunch sounds. After giving the album a full listen I can say that it didn’t meet the expectations I had for it. As far as the structure of the album goes I will give Datsik the credit of having a nice flow from one song to the next. My problem was with the overall uniqueness of each track and the incorporation of new sounds. Yes, Datsik has some of the sickest sounds and remixes in dubstep, but the repetition of similar or exact same sounds was just too much for me in this album. By the third or fourth song I already knew what sounds and synths he was going to use throughout the track and the drop with maybe a few additions. Nevertheless, I did have a few favorites on the album that I do recommend listening to. Punisher easily took the top spot for me on this album as the dominant track that stood out.  This collaboration with Downlink was filled with heavy bass and Datsik’s signature wobbles combined with Downlink’s style . This track also included some snippets of Biggie vocals which worked out very well. My other three favorites were Syndrome, Complete Control, and Annihilate all for close to similar reasons as Punisher. Just because I didn’t favor this album as much as I hoped too, shouldn’t by any means discourage you guys from not listening to it all the way through.

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