Toulouse in Toulouse: Nicky Romero at Opium Club

Posted by on April 8, 2012

Whenever an artist names a song after a city and they play a show in said city, it is a special show for both the people in attendance and the artist. Nicky Romero has really exploded into 2012 with the December release of his track “Toulouse” and Thursday night was his first visit to the city that has helped sparked his fame. Though he was sipping on some Perrier with a straw (bawse) he still knew how to party, throwing winks at random chicks dancing on the bar, high fiving fans, and raging in the Dj booth. He played a well thought out, calculated set from the first to the last song with a few unreleased track, including the first ever play of his remix of the Zedd produced Eva Simons – I Don’t Even Like You (short video below, notice the ass slapping motion, the song is that filthy). Rest of the recap after the jump.

First let me start with the venue. Opium club is a good intimate club that gives a lot interaction between the Djs and the crowd during the set and especially after the set for picture and autograph opportunities. However I felt they really held back on the effects with the back screen going blank at points leaving me scratching my head why you would not go all out for a Dj the caliber of Nicky Romero. The mostly full crowd was good, but not great, but there is also the club culture where jumping and raving doesn’t really happen. That did not stop Nicky Romero from throwing down a disgusting set though.

The set started off with some older progressive house tracks like TV Rock ft Rudy – In The Air (Axwell Remix) and Axwell – Heart is King that I was not expecting though it was a welcome surprise and it was a great transition from the opening tech Dj into his harder electro set. His is incredibly skilled Dj with the most telling example being a transition he did in the middle of a track that made the opener Arnaud Andrieu, who was quite good himself, look at Nicky Romero’s manager and say something along the line’s of if I tried to do that I would shut down whole thing. Nicky Romero has amassed an extensive discography and he put those tracks on display Thursday night with tracks such as “Se7en”, the much underrated collaboration with Hardwell “Beta”, his collaboration with David Guetta “Wild One Two”, “Generation 303″ and many more. A personal favorite of mine and the crowd’s was his bootleg of his remix of ‘Titanium” with Alesso’s remix of “Titanium”, transitioning his Alesso’s smooth build into his hard electro drop.

The beats were just that dirty

Nicky Romero did not just play his own tracks. He played plenty of tracks from his fellow Djs such as Hardwell – Spaceman, the necessary Knife Party – Internet Friends (video below), Swedish House Mafia’s latest single “Greyhound”, Alesso – Raise Your Head and more. He moved seamlessly from one track to the next, keeping the crowd on their toes the entire time, playing the mood of the crowd and maintaining a high energy set the entire time. His song selection and crowd control was impeccable.

Nicky Romero did not just play tracks he has already released. He played his upcoming track with Avici “Nicktim”, his upcoming track with David Guetta “Metropolis” (video will be included shortly) to be released Wednesday, as well as his ID from UMF (video below). The thing that really sent the crowd over the edge and the highlight of the night was predictably Nicky Romero playing “Toulouse”. He dropped the Tommy Trash remix in the beginning of the set, setting the crowd into an almost primal frenzy and then he played the original mix as the last song of his set with the club going all out with their effects finishing what was a very good show.

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