Benny Benassi Ft. Gary Go – Control

Posted by on February 28, 2012

First, apologies for all the purchase music we have been posting, these past two days have been insane with the amount of good releases. I had no idea Benny Benassi was even releasing this track today with all its remixes, god I love surprises. Control is an incredible track, Gary Go, the same man responsible for Cinema’s vocals, just perfected another cover. Benny in my mind is a legend, I have heard he doesn’t exactly put on the best live shows, but with tracks like this, I’m still a huge fan. The remixes for this track are awesome themselves, Jacob Plant and Ianizer & Lemethy with the top two remixes. I have started to notice Benny Benassi’s slight attraction to dubstep, if you watch some of his live performances he tends to make a few drops, including his own unreleased dubstep remix of James Blake’s Limit To Your Love. I definitely enjoyed this track and its remixes, worth the listen for sure.

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