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Posted by on January 11, 2012

With the start of a new year, Mach and I were talking about what tracks we would like to see released in 2012 that were not released last year. The funny thing was, we both named the same track as our most wanted unreleased track. Gemini’s style is second to none and it can be seen through this track and his other releases.  Seems as though the only way this track might get released is if we bug Gemini enough to where he gets tired of hearing about it. So everyone who wants this track knows what to do; get on twitter and get to work haha. Now time for some nasty tunes.

All I could think to myself at the start of this song was that I couldn’t stand Cascada’s voice in this track. After the drop all I could think to myself was how I love Cascada’s voice in this track. Barron bringing the filth with this drop and it is a 100 times better than his voltage remake.

DOWNLOAD: Cascada – What Do You Want From Me (Barron’s MY NAME ISNT SKRILLEX Remix)

Justin Perea goes all out on this remix of We Are Massive. The drop reminds me of Alvin Risk’s style which probably explains why I can’t stop listening to it.

DOWNLOAD: DirrtyDee & Omeguh – We Are Massive (Justin Perea Remix)

Mach and I both agreed that we liked this drop better than the original drop. Kabuki Zombie takes another route to creating the drop than Doctor P did and it makes the track sound heavier.

DOWNLOAD: Doctor P – Tetris (Kabuki Zombie Warrior Remix)

It has been a while since we got a release from J.Rabbit. Terravita released a little two track EP and this monster was on there.

DOWNLOAD: Terravita – Up In The Club (J. Rabbit Remix)

Candyland is another new comer to the dubstep genre and lately he has been putting out some sick tracks. This one in particular caught my attention starting off with a nice melody into a sudden, but monstrous drop.

DOWNLOAD: patrOn & Atomic Drop – Do It Again (Candyland Remix)

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