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Posted by on April 23, 2011

“Till the World Ends” has been remixed like no other. And yea, I know you’re sick of hearing the song. However, when someone like Miss Minaj (the new Queen of Rap/Pop?) teams up with the former Queen of Pop (Britney Spears), the track deserves some recognition.

These two female giants are, apparently, on tour together. It makes sense, then, that Minaj was chosen to jump on the remix. Ke$ha (who I have an undying hatred for) was unfortunately also brought into the track. Homegirl attempts to cover up her subpar looks with glitter and obnoxious song lyrics (always a fail).

REGARDLESS, this track is fire. Nicki’s opening verse gives this song just the kick it needed.


DOWNLOAD: Britney Spears ft. Nicki Minaj & Kesha – Till The World Ends (Remix)

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  • Ke$ha’s a dime.

  • J

    Everyone and their cousins hates Nicki Minaj.. She is TERRIBLE

  • I would love if all three of these girls got shot in the face

  • Anonymous

    The song was actually written by Ke$ha for Britney.

  • Anonymous

    why are these women not in the kitchen?

  • Anonymous


    why are these women not in the kitchen?

    Didn’t u know britney has her studio in her kitchen?