Deadmau5 – “HR 8938 Cephei” | House

Posted by on March 14, 2011

Going to be honest. I am quite lost to the meaning of this name and Deadmau5 uses some weird ambient noises, but this is a HOT NEW HOUSE track. He really goes back to the style of his early days as an artist, which is what most of us fell in love with at the start of his career. This track defines Peace of Mind. Makes you wonder what other surprises he has in store for us.
Deadmau5 – HR 8938 Cephei by fuckmylife

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  • Great post. With this and ‘Bleed’ just released I’m excited to see what he drops in the near future.

    BTW, the song is named after a star.

  • Hey thanks man, Joel uses some crazy names

  • Scott G

    His name comes from around when he was first starting, he found a deadmouse fried in his computer, and he used the username deadmau5 because deadmouse was already taken. Keep em coming!

  • Anthony

    (HR 306 Cephei and HR 8938 Cephei: These two north polar stars, both in Cepheus (but closer to Ursa Minor than to the King’s classic figure), highlight several issues: first “selection,” in which nature shows you what she wants; second that the sky is not in two dimensions, but in three; third that age and mass are crucial in stellar life; fourth that measurement errors are always with us

  • Haha I know why his name is Deamau5, I just didn’t get the track name till now.