Sheldon Scott- Believe

Posted by on November 5, 2010

Although Sheldon doesn’t drop tracks very often, when he does, he makes serious waves. When I asked Sheldon about the significance of the visuals above with the track he said:

Everyone can dream and everyone can achieve those dreams. Of course hard work and dedication is needed, but you must also believe and always remember. Even when it gets tough, try not to focus on the bad energy. The bad energy makes you weak, and takes away your inner strength. Instead focus on what you have done and what you need to do. The bigger the prize the bigger the sacrifice. It all starts with you and how much you are willing to do to reach your goals.

Traveling, exercising, eating right, avoiding the things that might hinder your journey are all part of the path you must take to reach your goals. No one owes you anything, but through your hard work, dedication and constancy they will come to respect and understand you as a person. Positive energy is contagious, don’t be a burden, rather, try to concentrate on eliminating the weight that negative energy and doubt cast on your shoulders and rise to the occasion.

This can only be achieved through trial and error, dedication to your craft, meditation, and learing from your mistakes. Everything you learn must be absorbed, do not ignore the path, for these lessons make you more efficient and ready you for what you are about to achieve! – Sheldon Scott

Sheldon Scott is an artist I believe in. Be sure to check out his track below and get inspired over the weekend to chase your dreams. As a bonus, I added Sheldon’s previous banger. For more tracks from the Canadian sensation, be sure to check him out here.

Sheldon Scott- Believe

Sheldon Scott- What They Say

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