Hip-Hop | Skiff – Dazed and Confused

Posted by on July 31, 2013

dazed cover copy

Wyclef’s latest business efforts include the birth of his independent record label, All Handz On Deck, which focuses on exposing emerging talent and contributing to their musical development.  Skiff is among ‘Clef’s chosen class of emerging talent, breaking ground by delivering the first single for this label entitled “Dazed and Confused”.  As expected, this one tracks back to the early 90’s when the infamous “Dazed and Confused” first graced movie screens.  Pulling inspiration from that decade of and infusing some jam band elements, “Dazed and Confused” is that care free joint (no pun intended) you’ve been waiting on.

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Hip-Hop | Skiff – Van Wilder

Posted by on October 22, 2012

In the mix of what has been labeled “Frat Rap” and has received criticism for lack of lyricism, a new artist emerges with a new sound, complimented by witty lyrics and a smooth flow. Enter; Skiff. The San Francisco native drops his 1st single out of his home at Wyclef Jean’s new label, “All Handz On Deck”. With his Hip Hop single “Van Wilder”, Skiff pretty much tells the story of the average college student, without the sugarcoating and simple lyricism.

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Chill, Compilation, Cover, Indie, Reggae | Cris Cab – Live…In the Moment (Free Album)

Posted by on August 26, 2012

I’ve been a fan of Cris Cab ever since I first saw his covers over a year ago. It’s crazy to see how far he’s come. He’s one of the most talented singers right now, in a genre that is largely over saturated, Cris finds a way to stand out and be unique. Today, he gives us a free album full of high quality live versions of his set from a show down in Miami. Wyclef Jean makes an appearance(and drops an insane freestyle) on “No Woman No Cry,” although I’m not sure who sounds more Jamaican…Cris does a damn good Bob Marley. Throughout this entire compilation, you can feel the passion and hear how Cris effortlessly works the crowd. A true artist can record AND perform. Cris Cab is a true artist.

(Grab the download link in the SoundCloud description)