Cris Cab – Live…In the Moment (Free Album)

Posted by on August 26, 2012

I’ve been a fan of Cris Cab ever since I first saw his covers over a year ago. It’s crazy to see how far he’s come. He’s one of the most talented singers right now, in a genre that is largely over saturated, Cris finds a way to stand out and be unique. Today, he gives us a free album full of high quality live versions of his set from a show down in Miami. Wyclef Jean makes an appearance(and drops an insane freestyle) on “No Woman No Cry,” although I’m not sure who sounds more Jamaican…Cris does a damn good Bob Marley. Throughout this entire compilation, you can feel the passion and hear how Cris effortlessly works the crowd. A true artist can record AND perform. Cris Cab is a true artist.

(Grab the download link in the SoundCloud description)

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