Future Funk | Kaptain Delivers New Anthem “Empty Without Music”

Posted by on July 11, 2018

Kaptain’s EP, The Practice of Letting Go, has been on its way to the world one single at a time for a few weeks now. Today the full project comes out with the last full single being revealed. The collaboration with Brodie and Willdabeast on “Empty Without Music” pretty much sums up how most, if not all, of us feel. His chilled out anthem is all you could want from a future funk record and it closes out the full EP quite nicely with its fresh sound. Make sure to check out The Practice of Letting Go in full on Spotify or Apple music!

Bass | Willdabeast’s Experimental Bass Album Makes “Life Worth Living”

Posted by on March 28, 2017

Based out of Seattle, Washington, Willdabeast is the fusion of the multi-talented producer Will Glazier and instrumentalist Daniel de Lisle. Mixing the old with the new, Willdabeast has been able to find that balance between instruments and experimental bass like no one has done. Inspired by Passion Pit at a young age, Will went on a roll of touring and recording, sharing the stage with such acts as Michal Menert, Monophonics, Snug Harbor, Yogoman, Late Night Radio and so many more. 2013 was a new chapter in the story, post-college with a degree in audio and video production, Willdabeast released the album Into The Wild. Soon after, Will met Michael Menert, which was another life changing moment. They teamed up forming The Michal Menert Big Band.

The year after, Glazier and Daniel de Lisle, who plays flute and trombone, met and helped bring even more live instrumentation to the table. The rest is history. Willdabeast was formed with these two at the center and have worked along side acts such as: Griz, Michal Menert, Ageless, Wet Paint, Kaptain, SwAy, Kinetik Groove and more.

Their latest work together as Willdabeast is their new album Life Worth Living, which you can hear above. These two are on a unique path that few achieve in experimental bass, don’t sleep on these guys.

Future Funk | Willdabeast & SwAy Drop Concept EP On Super Best Records

Posted by on March 22, 2016

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Super Best Records is known for bringing some funky crossover jams from various artists, including their leader Michael Menert. One of their acts, Willdabeast, has been steady gaining speed with several solid releases, including their latest one with the Canadian duo SwAy. Together these acts put out the three song Crossing Borders EP through the aforementioned label. This concept EP revolves around the love, passion and obstacles that you run into during a relationship. I have to say they really knocked it out of the park by backing their concept with some great future funk records that each bring a little different sound to the table. Collaborators on the project including vocalists Sinclair Hucke and Brittany Littke, who lends her voice to two of the songs. All three tracks can be downloaded for free via the track links on Soundcloud.


Future Funk | SwAy & Willdabeast Bring The Funk With “On My Mind”

Posted by on March 15, 2016

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Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

SwAy, Willdabeast and Sinclair Hucke all hooked up for a sweet record called “On My Mind.” The three acts get a bit funky with their acoustic meets electronic mixture that will have listeners jamming on repeat. “On My Mind” is the lead single on the forthcoming EP, Crossing Borders, that is due out on Super Best Records. The entire EP has SwAy and Willdabeast bringing their unique crossover sounds to the forefront of electronic music. With “On My Mind” things get a bit soulful and groovy, with the mood shifting throughout the five and a half minute composition. They cook up some interesting sounds to pair with the seductive vocal for a result that can only be heard to be appreciated. Take a listen, and get ready for the entire EP to drop soon!

Chill, Future Funk | Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Kaptain’s Sexy New Single

Posted by on February 9, 2016

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With Valentine’s Day coming up, couples are looking for some quality love-laced records to throw on. In comes Kaptain to the rescue with his newest single called “Testament.” This single is the second release off the San Francisco producer’s EP, When The Sky Shimmers, that drops on February 24th. The first single blew me away, and this second one may even be better. Kaptain isn’t the only one you will find on this gem, as he enlists vocalist Grant Genske for a soulful and lively performance. Willdabeast brings some live instruments to the table, including trumpet, trombone and flute. “Testament” is the full package. Not only is it a great tune, but it’s a free download, so you have no reason not to get it. Take it with you on your Valentine’s Day gatherings, and you’ll be thanked appropriately.

Kaptain – Testament (feat. Grant Genske & Willdabeast): Free Download

Chill, Future Funk | Kaptain Brings Chill Vibes With Willdabeast On “Never Will”

Posted by on July 8, 2015

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San Francisco’s Kaptain comes off his “Summer Breeze” single with a new original called “Never Will.” Super Best Records artist Willdabeast brought some impressive horn play to the table, while Kaptain’s guitarist Brizzy shreds yet again. Jamming out to this one on repeat is the way to go, as the laid-back gem is nothing but amazing. It’s Kaptain’s longest, and quite possibly his best song yet, although I’ll leave that for you to decide since he has a handful of really dope records. Within the future funk scene, Kaptain is making noise with each release, and it’s only a matter of time before something special kicks off for the California beatsmith. Stream the track, and grab the free download below.

Free Download: Kaptain – Never Will (feat. Brizzy & Willdabeast)