SwAy & Willdabeast Bring The Funk With “On My Mind”

Posted by on March 15, 2016

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Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

SwAy, Willdabeast and Sinclair Hucke all hooked up for a sweet record called “On My Mind.” The three acts get a bit funky with their acoustic meets electronic mixture that will have listeners jamming on repeat. “On My Mind” is the lead single on the forthcoming EP, Crossing Borders, that is due out on Super Best Records. The entire EP has SwAy and Willdabeast bringing their unique crossover sounds to the forefront of electronic music. With “On My Mind” things get a bit soulful and groovy, with the mood shifting throughout the five and a half minute composition. They cook up some interesting sounds to pair with the seductive vocal for a result that can only be heard to be appreciated. Take a listen, and get ready for the entire EP to drop soon!

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