Bass, Deep House | NVOY – Don’t Ever

Posted by on March 30, 2014

With the arrival of springtime and summer a moment away on the horizon, it seemed inevitable that the UK house duo NVOY would provide us with something to cater to those vibes. While their previous releases have all been deep, club-appropriate bangers, this track is a much airier one that I envision myself hearing at some chic, rooftop, poolside day party in the upcoming months, full of trendy socialites with good taste in music and bottomless Aperol Spritz. But I mean, even if I still don’t get an invite to the party, I’m confident in the growing hype of NVOY, this track will still be spinning. Hold your breath for their first official release here soon!


Bass, Deep House | Funkystepz – Loveshy EP

Posted by on January 14, 2014

If you haven’t already, meet Funkystepz, a UK-based bass//garage//house//whatever-tickles-your-fancy producing collective. I’m still playing catch up from my holiday hiatus but their latest release, Loveshy EP, is not to be overlooked. In fact, it’s a really well-rounded EP, with a deep house feel running consistent throughout however also considerably versatile and experimental featuring some incredible vocals. These guys have provided you with a perfect track for whatever mood you may be in. My personal favorites include “Feel The Vibe” feat. Monique (oh, you’ll feel it alright) and the über-funky-moomba-house meets Jersey club, “Light Up” feat. Sim Devine. The EP is available for free download, as well as most of their other releases via Facebook. Get down on it.


FREE DOWNLOAD: Funkystepz – Loveshy EP

Bass, House | NVOY – Breathe feat. Jess Brinham

Posted by on November 4, 2013

With the return of deep house music, sometimes we get carried away with the trend and forget what actually sounds good. Luckily the boys from the Oxford-based duo NVOY have us covered. Their style of “music for beautiful girls” can be attributed to house’s roots in the Detroit and Chicago, as well as UK garage. Each track is numbingly good, hitting that sweet spot like a piña colada on a summer’s day. For those of you that are nearing the end of your infatuation with Settle, look no further than NVOY. Check out their most recent releases below in addition to their available free downloads via Facebook.


This first track is their most recent and was featured on Skream & Benga’s BBC Radio 1 show. I lose it at the 2-minute mark.

This next track, “Is It Good,” is in fact, very good.


Electronic, House | Disclosure – Settle (Album Review)

Posted by on June 12, 2013


These days, it’s hard to do much of anything on the internet without encountering heaps of reverential praise for the British brother-duo better known as Disclosure. They’ve become the de facto poster children for what’s cool in 2013 and have amassed a following that includes both hipster indie pop enthusiasts and their ravier twenty-something counterparts. Back in March, I remember perusing the calendar at one of my favorite clubs and noticing that they had sold out that upcoming Friday — the first Friday of the second weekend of Ultra, as it were. Not only did this not register with me at the time, but I didn’t even bother to catch them in Miami. Quelle folie. I am usually slow to warm up to bandwagon-y new groups, probably due to the fact that I am effectively a huge music snob in denial, but sometimes the hype becomes too great to overlook and bandwagons get harder and harder to ignore. In the case of Disclosure (and their now very considerable bandwagon), I can confirm that all the hype is utterly justified.