Chill | Wizzay & Rachel Woznow Have Us “Hooked”

Posted by on July 3, 2020

Up and coming French producer Wizzay has returned to the Tipsy Records release boards with his new tune “Hooked”. Teaming up with the dazzling vocalist Rachel Woznow, “Hooked” is a powerful single you must hear. Wizzay has formulated a unique soundscape in this single which traverses pop, chill, future bass, and in a way that compliments almost any tastemakers genre preference. Simultaneously, beautifully supporting the effortless top line from Woznow.

Available on all platforms, be sure to go check out the pair’s latest installment below and follow them on Spotify for updates on future releases.

Chill | Kende Shares Feel-Good Release “High With Me”

Posted by on November 30, 2017

As 2017 is rapidly drawing to a close, we’ve needed all the feel-good music we can get. Thankfully, Kende has been on his grind, churning out a slew of recent groundbreaking new releases, and now continues to elevate us with “High With Me.”

An upbeat melodic release with memorable songwriting, “High With Me” is exceptionally engaging from start to finish. With each new release Kende takes a strong step in establishing his presence as an artist to watch in the upcoming pop electronic circle. With summer time synths and nostalgic melodies, “High With Me” is warm and inviting from start to finish. Listen to it in full now via Tipsy Records as Kende aims for a strong close to his 2017.

Chill | Bvd Kult & Will Heggadon Release Summer Breakbeat Original ‘Island’

Posted by on August 25, 2017

UK native producer Bvd Kult joins the Tipsy Records family. He’s teamed up with Will Heggadon to close out our peak summer season with his latest release “Island.” Though summer may be drawing to a close, Island is the perfect track for the remaining sultry days still to come. Lingering strings, uplifting piano chords, and driving drums characterize this surefire breakbeat hit. Island showcases this promising artist’s growth into meaningful songwriting and demonstrates his continued versatility as a producer.

“The lyrical content of the record really touched me. With the metaphors of war and feeling the world being against you, this was impactful to me because of how recently, living in the UK, it can feel like everything is against you. As Will speaks of in his lyrics, it feels like we are bearing all the pain on our own. For me, the symbolism of being an Island is having a strong foundation, and being strong and not letting anything get in the way of your well-being.” – Bvd Kult

Saving summer’s best for last, stream Bvd Kult and Will Heggadon’s new collaborative offering, Island, out now.


Chill | Famba Clears The Space With Huge New Release

Posted by on August 24, 2017

Certain themes of love lost and love found are frequent in songwriting, if not overdone. Although every once in awhile an artist will incorporate the theme so authentically into their story, you can’t help but love it. Today, one of those anomalies has arrived, with the release of “Space” from Famba, Toito, and Karli. This monster collaboration, out via Tipsy Records, is an emotional tug from start to finish.

All three artists have a knack for hit making, and to see their collaborative synergy live up to the anticipation makes us all the more excited for the future of this track. Vocalists Toito and Karli make a great combination, and their flow together is undeniable. With hit making producer Famba having mirrored the perfect vibe through the production, it’s safe to say Space has surefire success in its near future. Stream Space today, save it to your playlist, and thank us later. Space is out now via Tipsy Records.

Deep House | Nick Peters & Tom Bailey Dominate December With “Release Me”

Posted by on December 6, 2016

Nick Peters quickly follows up on the heels of his Tipsy Records debut with yet another career making single “Release Me”. This young guru of tried and true melodic house hits has additionally earned the highly sought after attention of Sony Music, who are co releasing this uplifting track featuring vocalist Tom Bailey. The combination of these two promising talents is undeniable, and with all the support on this release thus far these two artists are sure to cap off 2016 in the best way possible.

Fight the winter blues with this offering from Nick Peters and Tom Bailey and you’ll have all you’ll need to unwind. Preview it in full below, and grab your copy in stores now!

Progressive House | Malarkey Debuts Catchy Future Funk Original, “Arcade Brain”

Posted by on November 13, 2016

In today’s scene new hybrid subgenres are being created seemingly every day. Nonetheless, one producer in particular, Malarkey, strives to pique interest in new, future funk offering “Arcade Brain”

Just released on Tipsy Records, Arcade Brain is where funk influenced rhythms and future bass synths collide. This dynamic production reminds us that instrumental productions still have the ability to retain staying staying power despite the absence of vocals and traditional songwriting. We hope you enjoy this track as much as we do.

House | Nik Ernst & Nick Peters Debut Pop House Masterpiece “Give Me Back Tonight”

Posted by on September 16, 2016

Kicking off the last quarter of 2016, the spotlight unexpectedly falls on producers Nik Ernst and Nick Peters. These two producers have a lot to showcase this week, beginning with their track Give Me Back Tonight, the latest offering from Tipsy Records.

This pop house track is boasting a clean dance floor groove with enough catchiness to get stuck on you after the first listen. Vocalist Tammy Infusino also brings a fire to this track, and her legendary performance complements the memorable production perfectly. The winning combination will undoubtedly stand the test of time, so be sure to grab that limited free download while it lasts and stay tuned for Give Me Back Tonight’s takeover on Spotify and in stores next week!